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Bike Florence & Tuscany
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Bike Florence & Tuscany

Bike Florence & Tuscany

Immerse yourself in an uplifting experience that invokes all five senses by biking in Tuscany at your own leisure and pace.
Piero and Elena will be glad to show you the way guiding our biking tours around Florence, through the Chianti region, to Siena and beyond all while tasting & experiencing Tuscany.
On calm, low-traffic itineraries – planned & tailor-made for you, you will discover the neighbourhoods of Florence, inhabited by locals, as well as the amazing scenery of the gorgeous, relaxing countryside.
Have fun, fall in love with experiencing Tuscany by bike!
No matter your fitness or skill levels, they have a tour for everyone, from Novice to Expert!
Their Tours

Chianti bike tasting

1 Days Easy-Moderate 14 MLS
Immerse yourself in an uplifting five-sense experience on a day trip biking through Chianti at your own leisure! Your body will feel a pleasant, warm, tingling sensation as your muscles warm up. Your hands will learn from touching the leaves, the earth, and the tree trunks. Your ears will enjoy ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

Crossing Chianti to Siena

1 Days Easy-Moderate 13 MLS
Crossing Chianti to Siena! A single day trip from Florence through fragrances, colors and wine flavors, with Siena as a dessert! If during your journey through Tuscany you don’t want to skip beautiful Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, then you will surely love to ride there on a single-day ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

Downhill to Florence

1 Days Moderate 13 MLS
On this Florence bike tour we will take you by van to the starting point, Monte Senario, at 2,654 ft! After a short visit of this stunnigly and very panoramic site, you will get the chance to taste a typical liquor made by the monks of the Monastery. Then, we will start a long, almost ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

San Gimignano to Siena

1 Days Easy-Moderate 14 MLS
Are you staying in Florence but feel like visiting Siena and experiencing its atmosphere, wines and surroundings? We have just the right thing for you: a single-day bike tour that is just perfect to top it all off! One day from Florence through three of the most beautiful medieval towns in ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

Enchanting Florence

1 Days Easy 15 MLS
We all love Florence as the Cradle of Reinassance. However, not everyone knows that beyond the old city centre—hidden within its massive, ancient original walls—lies a host of craftsmen (and women): jewelers, shoemakers, workers in silk and brocade, perfumers, and ice cream makers. Ride ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

Cycling Chianti

1 Days Mod-Advanced 34 MLS
Biking in Tuscany on a loop, starting from Gaiole in Chianti, in the outskirts of Siena. While pedaling on these roads it’s easy to hear the heartbeat of Chianti Classico: we are in the motherland of our beloved red wine! Cycling through it will make you feel part of the fabulous environment ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

San Gimignano for Wine Lovers

1 Days Easy 13 MLS
Biking in Tuscany on a completely relaxed ride, taking in the landscapes that have made this area so well known to the world. A condensed itinerary that includes quaint villages, castles, wineries and vineyards. Simply perfect.
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

Chianti & Medieval Villages

1 Days Mod-Advanced 27 MLS
Ready to ride your bicycle in the heart of Chianti? Typical of this region are rolling landscapes with their woods, olive groves, vineyards, medieval cities, castles, and estates. Out in the countryside enjoy riding in the awesome, magnificent Chianti area, biking on challenging hills through ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

Chianti Classic

1 Days Mod-Advanced 18 MLS
Highlights of the day: Radda in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, biking through unforgettable Tuscan hamlets, our exclusive, panoramic and unique route through the Chianti Region. We’ll follow an amazing itinerary showing us the most exclusive view of this beautiful and romantic landscape. An ...
Updated by CTG on 27 Sep 2017

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