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Bike & Cruise Tours
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International +1 239 431 6219
5045 Kingston Way
Naples Florida 34119
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Bike & Cruise Tours

"We really do have more fun"

Bike & Cruise Tours was born in 1990 from the love of cycling and cruising and is the "first" to combine the two with a focus on biking. We consider this to be a “bike tour” not a cruise! The luxury cruise ship is your floating hotel which takes you to your next cycling destination. Guess what? You get the best of both worlds with Bike & Cruise. Our relationship with "Norwegian Cruise Line" has been a good one for years. Our groups benefit from this relationship which means discounts and shipboard perks.

Owner’s Linda & Johnny Black accompany you on all tours along with our good friend and tour assistant Fred Sparks who has been joining us in the Caribbean since 2002. Having traveled to the Caribbean since 1981and Alaska since 1993. With the experience we have accumulated over the years, we will do our best to ensure you have a memorable cycling vacation.
Their Tours

Western Caribbean

8 Days Easy-Moderate
This biking adventure is also a snorkeler’s dream vacation. We’ll snorkeling everyday at our beach stops and the day in Belize will be snorkeling at the Barrier Reef via a boat! Or your can choose to go Kayaking in the mangroves, this is very cool to..Your choice.

Southern Caribbean

11 Days Moderate
Come with us and take a" little longer cruise" to experience the southern islands of the Caribbean! A seven day cruise sometimes comes to a close too quickly. Enjoy this ten night cruise with five ports. There are five days of biking, and you’ll still have some sea days to really relax, read ...

Alaskan bike and cruise

8 Days Moderate
This is a fantastic time to experience Alaska’s daylight into the wee hours of the morning not long after the summer solstice! There will be roughly 19 hours of daylight. This trip always fills up fast, book ASAP, don’t miss out. Limit is 26 riders.

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