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Bike Asia
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International +86 773 882 6521
8 Gui Hua St
Yangshuo Guangxi 541900
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Bike Asia

Adventure Cycling Specialists

Bike Asia is a small Australian owned and run cycle tour company based in Asia. Starting out in Yangshuo, China in 2003 (where we are still based), we've since developed a range of exciting cycling tours in hand-picked destinations in Asia.

We cater to riders of all abilities with a choice of scheduled departures, on demand tours or custom biking adventures to suit individuals, groups and families. Whether you like to take it off road or stick to the tarmac, get right off the beaten track or lap up some luxury, we've got it covered. It's our aim to get you immersed in Asia's enticing culture and landscapes. Feel free to browse our tours (check out our new mobile site) or chat to us about the possibilities for your next ride of a lifetime.
Their Tours

Terelj NP MTB 3 day

3 Days Mod-Advanced 180 KmAVG 60 Km
Terlj National park, located within a couple of hours drive from Ulaan Baatar, has some of the most spectacular and varied scenery near the capital. Whilst it gets relatively more visitors than other parts of Mongolia due to it’s accessibility, it is hardly over run and there’s plenty of scope ...

Yangshuo Family Adventure

5 Days Moderate 60 KmAVG 30 Km
China is one of the safest travel destinations and Yangshuo, with its range of activities, stunning scenery and full range of eating and accommodation options, makes it a winner for a family holiday. We’ve put together an itinerary that blends a range of activities to keep any kid interested ...

Yangshuo Highlights

5 Days Easy
This is an ideal tour for those that want to see the best of Yangshuo’s stunning scenery and get an intimate look at Chinese rural life. The cycling is sublime: easy flat rural roads and paved country roads will take you through numerous local villages, along bamboo lined rivers and rice fields ...

MTB Yangshuo Day Tour

1 Days Mod-Advanced
If you’ve been admiring the stunning Yangshuo landscape and wondering to yourself whether or not you could push a bike through all those jutting mountains and plunging valleys, the answer is a definite YES! Ride out of town and into the countryside and get lost amongst the endless trails ...

Yangshuo Day Tour

1 Days Easy-Moderate
Join the ride! We offer a one day tour of the surrounding villages and countryside taking in Yangshuo’s best scenery and sites at a gentle pace on back roads and trails far away from the crowds. Our guides will show you Yangshuo’s hidden secrets and give you an insight into rural Chinese ...

Yangshuo Adventure

5 Days Moderate 140 KmAVG 46 Km
Do you like getting away from all the crowds and seeing un-spoilt countryside and local life? For those with active and adventurous tastes this tour gives you access to the best of Yangshuo’s stunning scenery but with a more challenging bent: the cycling is off the beaten track and often hilly ...

Wild Mongolia & Naadam Festival

16 Days Mod-Advanced
This extended version of our Wild Mongolia trip combines a deeper insight into Mongolia by taking in the country’s national games, the biggest celebration on the Mongolian calendar, the Naadam Festival, as well a mountain bike adventure across the Arkhangai Mountains. The trip starts in ...

Wild Mongolia

15 Days Mod-Advanced 506 KmAVG 50 Km
This cycling tour will take us on a crossing of the Arkhangai Mountains, from the edge of the Gobi desert at Bayanhongor to the old Mongolian capital of Kharkhorin, home of Chinggis Khan. We cycle into the heart of Mongolia and meet its nomadic peoples. This is an off-roader’s dream, with only a ...

Yunan - Tiger Leaping Gorgeous

13 Days Moderate 593 KmAVG 49 Km
Yunnan is one of China’s most ethnically fascinating and scenically stunning provinces. It is easy to understand why Yunnan leaves our travellers raving about it! Experiencing the extraordinary natural wonder of TLG, with its towering walls and dramatic beauty. Meander along the majestic ...

The Trail Of The Dragon

15 Days Mod-Advanced
Cycling amongst the countless rice terraces and limestone peaks of Southern China you will experience a beauty so unique it has inspired painters and poets for centuries. From the minority villages and luscious green rice fields of Guizhou Province to the limestone karst peaks and bamboo-lined ...

Tea, Sea and History

15 Days Moderate 574 KmAVG 57 Km
Cycle through Lipton's tea plantations Wild Elephants roaming the countryside Delicious Sri Lankan cuisine

Pokhara To Kathmandu

15 Days Moderate 492 Km
Tough climbs – Yes! More technical descents – yes! Steep gradients – yes! Did we love it – yes! This is such an impressive country and natural choice destination for those looking for adventure. On top of the unbeatable biking experience this trip also offer travellers the soaring mountain ...

Koya san to Kyoto

8 Days Easy-Moderate
This tour is ideal for those that like their history and are interested in the incredibly vibrant and rich culture that is Japan. There are plenty of visits to all the main historical areas and their famous temples and shrines as well as an overnight at a working Buddhist monastery. The cycling ...

Guilin - Mountains & Minorities

7 Days Moderate 205 KmAVG 51 Km
One of our most popular guided/ unsupported China cycling tours, taking in a portion of our Trail of the Dragon Tour (featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s “World’s 25 Best New Trips For 2007″), features one day of hiking through the beautiful rice terraces of Longji and four days ...

Yunnan - Magical Shangrila

13 Days Mod-Advanced
The UNESCO Three Parallel Rivers protected area is one of the most spectacular regions on the planet. Located on the edge of Tibet, it is home to dozens of ethnic minority groups, incredible biological diversity and uniquely dramatic land formations. If you like jaw-dropping scenery, thrilling ...

Islands, Mountains and Monasteries

12 Days Moderate 442 KmAVG 55 Km
Japan is such an eclectic mix of sights and sounds, landscapes, history and culture that it is a joy to experience. This cycling tour takes in the cultural centres of Kyoto and Nara, as well as the monastic Kyo-san mountain where Buddhism still thrives today. Most of the cycling will be on ...

Guilin - Mountains and Minorities

7 Days Moderate
One of our most popular guided/ unsupported China cycling tours, taking in a portion of our Trail of the Dragon Tour (featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine's “World’s 25 Best New Trips For 2007″), features one day of hiking through the beautiful rice terraces of Longji and four days ...

Cycle Across the Roof of the World

22 Days Adv-Challenging
This trip is not for the faint of heart! You will be cycling across one of the most romantic regions in the world, the Tibetan Plateau, which has the highest average elevation on the planet. From the Buddhist monasteries of Lhasa to the bustling markets of Kathmandu, this trip will take you over ...

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