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Bike Adventure Tours

Bike Adventure Tours

The winter time in Europe is beautiful, but not ideal for biking. Too cold, too foggy, too dark. Give yourself two weeks off, fly to the heat, sit on the bike, cycle going ... and release ... so simple is our recipe! Our cycling and biking holidays offer a mix of fun, sport , adventure and culture. These trips are graded on any skill, from leisurely bicycle and e-bike tours to challenging mountain bike tours. Leave the winter behind him, sun and recharge your batteries, in the tropics, in the high mountains or the most beautiful deserts in the world ... And all on its own. That feels good, enrich body, mind and soul. Our tour participants are like you, open, cosmopolitan and not typical group travellers. We travel off the beaten tourist track, always with trained bike guides, support vehicle and luggage service. You will be surprised, you climb into the saddle, and learn about the world ...
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Journey through Western Macedonia

10 Days 340 Km
Invited by Swisscontact, an organization for Swiss Entwicklungszu-cooperation, Andi Schnelli travelled to Macedonia last year for the first time. At no time were there concerns - the amiable, open nature of the Macedonians and their generous hospitality from the beginning gave him a good ...

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