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Contact Tour Operator is the first 2-wheel gear rental in Riga's heart - Old town. First opened back in 2009 today we offer bicycle and Segway type balance scooter rent and guided tours/
As a bicycle professionals we know the importance of proper quality/size bikes in order to enjoy your trip around the Riga. Large variety of additional accessories, like helmets, child seats, cycle gloves etc. are available.
Our Premium quality GUIDED TOURS are must have. This is fastest, easiest and best way to get introduced with our beautiful city. They are safest and funniest thanks professional tour guide system, safety vests and local enthusiastic guides.
Their Tours

Beauty of Sigulda & Adventure of Legends

8 Hours Mod-Advanced 23 Km
Most interesting and one of physically most challenging bike day tours in Latvia! Whole day trip to the biggest and 1-st national park in Latvia (2-nd in former USSR). It is a unique place, where you can enjoy 5 (!) castles, biggest cave in country, get acquainted with tragic and romantic ...

Jurmala - The Pearl of Latvia

5 Hours Mod-Advanced 50 Km
Approximately 5 hours trip to biggest and oldest Latvian resort - Jūrmala. The tour features safe bike ride along 1-st special bicycle line in former USSR, "4d movie" in Jūrmala open air ethnographic museum, best beach, Gulf of Rīga landscapes, ex-soviet villas and unique local architecture. ...

Another Riga Bike Tour

2.5 Hours Moderate 14 Km
Got enough courage and biking skills? We can offer you an exciting tour to discover Riga in more authentic way. We will explore beyond the conventional tourist routes and seek out the city’s hidden gems. In less than 3 hours you will discover "abandoned by God" Moscow district with contrasts, ...

The Beauty of Riga

2.5 Hours Easy 11 Km
A must have tour unless you want to spend a day or two to cover the same amount of information and objects by a walking tour. In about 2.5 hours you’ll learn most important information about Riga and Latvia. You will be introduced to true facts, stories and legends, as well as with the most ...

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.