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Bicycle Rides NorthWest
Contact Number:
International +1 541.382.2633
PO Box 682
Bend Oregon 97709
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Bicycle Rides NorthWest

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Oregon Bicycle Ride

7 Days 440 MLS
Marvel at the spectacular canyon walls protecting the swift rivers and its habitat. See the alternative power sources being used in this age of ‘green’. Visit rural communities and enjoy their infusion of flavor upon your senses during this week of discovering Oregon on two wheels.

Washington Bicycle Ride

7 Days 464 MLS
We will see more than just the big peaks on this year’s Washington Bicycle Ride. We start by crossing the high plains of sagebrush, juniper and scrub oak before descending into the Yakima River Valley and its verdant rows of vineyard and tall stands of hop bines. The area around Sunnyside is the ...

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