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Peaks Challenge 2017 Cradle Mountain
Tour Location
Tour Information
1 day
Advanced - Challenging
Road Bike suitable only
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Tour Type:
Community Ride
Cost From:
AUD 305
Tour Distance & Dates
235 Km
5 November 2017
Tour Operator:
Bicycle Network
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Peaks Challenge 2017 Cradle Mountain

Go beyond your limits

1 Days Advanced - Challenging 235 Km

A hidden gem taking the roads less travelled. A place so special that it’s listed as a World Heritage area. A place with weather so unpredictable, it can snow in summer. That place is Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain.

Showcasing some of Australia’s most spectacular landscapes, Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain offers cyclists the unique opportunity to test their legs on the ascents of Melrose Road, Cethana Road, Cradle Mountain, Spellmans Road and Gunns Plains Road.

It’s a brute, promising to test your determination and resolve as you battle burning legs to conquer unpredictable climbs – seldom giving you the opportunity to relax or settle into a rhythm.

In its first two years, 1,000 brave riders faced the unknown roads, sharp climbs and steep, technical descents of Tasmania’s north-west. But only those who crossed the finish line within the 13-hour deadline reserved the right to call themselves Peaks Challenge finishers.

Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain lives up to the reputation of the series, and exceeds it. The pain of its unfamiliar and inconsistent climbs is real but fleeting; the scenery, camaraderie and reward of finishing is immense.

Have you got what it takes?
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