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Bicycle Network
Contact Number:
+61 3 8376 8888
Freecall 1800 639 634
PO Box 24013
Melbourne VIC 3001
Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that promotes the health of the community. We work with our supporters to get “More People Cycling More Often” and measurably grow the bike riding world.

Bicycle Network Victoria mobilises thousands of volunteers out on bike routes, on events, in workplaces and at our office. The organisation employs around 60 permanent staff and a number of contract staff for events and special projects.
Their Tours

RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride 2017

9 Days 539 Km
Starting in the world famous Wilsons Promontory, full of places to explore, the RACV Great Vic is a great way to see Gippsland. 90 Mile Beach is another highlight, with the shoreline stretching as far as the eye can see. As we head inland there's more breathtaking bodies of water – Lake ...

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