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Bici Gusti
Contact Number:
+1 (604)568-8648
4111 Fraser Street
Vancouver BC V5V 4E9
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Bici Gusti

Bici Gusti

Created for the insatiable love of gourmet food and cycling.
Their Tours

Gourmet Ride Whistler

4 Days 70 Km
The Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride was created for the insatiable love for gourmet food and cycling. Take an early season spin with an intimate group of 70 riders through the Whistler and Callaghan Valleys. Along the 70km route, you will be stirred by the beauty of the coastal mountains, peppered with ...

Gourmet Ride Italy

7 Days
Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride Italy is the perfect cycling week to start your season. Soak in the spirit of Italian cycling through a different curated course each day. Enjoy a rejuvenating nightly stay at the Belvedere Hotel to prepare your body and mind for the next day’s gourmet adventure. Cross ...

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