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Oases of Berlin
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3.5 hours
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City Tour
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On Request
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19 Km
Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
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Berlin on Bike

Oases of Berlin

Discover the Tranquil Side of Berlin

3.5 Hours 19 Km

An odyssey through un-discovered and green spaces of Berlin. – Berlin is big, colorful, lively, and sometimes totally stressful. But there is another side of the city, with tranquil courtyards, serene spaces of unusual beauty, and places where strange and funky projects happen that would even surprise many Berlin natives. What kind of tour takes you to places like these? Just take one of our individualized tours of Berlin’s Oases.

All of our guides have their own personal insiders’ tips for green spaces and creative oases in Berlin. Sometimes the tour leads you through parks and along the waterfront, then suddenly you are in a seemingly surreal cityscape where you discover an unexpected little paradise hidden around the corner. Or maybe the bike tour will take you to places where strange and unusual events took place, things you’ll never read in any history book.

African beach bars, parks, courtyards, airfields; our oases tour is full of surprises. Come with us and we’ll show you another side of Berlin, beyond Bradenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz. Always different and always good, our Oases Berlin bike tour is just the thing for the experienced Berlin traveler and a lot of fun for natives!
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