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Berlin´s Best
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3.5 hours
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Bike hire available
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City Tour
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15 Km
Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun at 11.00h
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Berlin on Bike

Berlin´s Best

Introductory Berlin sightseeing bike tour through a dynamic city

3.5 Hours 15 Km

Why does Berlin look the way it does? Berlin doesn’t have a cohesive urban landscape like other cities. It’s an exciting and quirky collage, an eclectic and edgy mix that is full of contradictions. Every historical era has had its share of destruction, both intentional and otherwise, leaving behind opportunities to rebuild, sometimes with style and modernity, often with unusual utopian ideals, making Berlin what it is today.

We ride through 800 years of Berlin history: from historic to modern aspects, where the renowned and the questionable come together to make up a city that will always be: “damned to a fate of always becoming something and never being it” (Karl Scheffler).

Our “Berlin’s Best” bike tour begins in Prenzlauer Berg, once a working class area and now endlessly trendy, with its painstakingly restored historical houses that were built during the Industrial Era of the Wilhelminian boom. After that, it’s off to Berlin’s historical city center, where Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag are just a few of the many sites you will experience first hand. You’ll see how 40 years of the GDR (communist East Germany) left its mark on the city, and you’ll get a feeling for contemporary Germany with the breathtaking architecture of the new government district.

This bike tour is the perfect way to get to know Berlin. We pass along our love and enthusiasm for this fascinating city. With an interesting mix of entertainment and information, we easily take you through many complicated and significant subjects that give you greater insight into the darkness and light of the history of this inspirational and ever-changing city. That way, you’ll be ready to discover Berlin on your own and prepared for your next bike tour.

5€ for bike hire
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