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Bike Tours in Belgium

Bruges Belgium

It may be a small country but it contains over 11 million people and has a long and rich history. Belgium can be split between sometime rivals Flemish speaking Flanders in the north and southern French speaking Wallonia, with the capital Brussels neatly sitting in between.

3 Countries in 5 Days Cycle

5 Days Moderate 350 MLS
Ride approx 350 miles from London to Amsterdam, Europe’s most cycle-friendly city! Cycling through the picturesque countryside of rural England, we cross the Channel and continue across the flat landscapes of France and West Flanders. Stopping in the magical city of Bruges en-route is a real ...
Updated by CTG on 7 May 2014

The Classics Bicycle Tour

20 Days Moderate 1800 Km
Bike-Dreams returns to her roots. We go back to the places where we started cycling as teenagers, where we climbed our first “mountains” and where we crossed our first cobblestone roads. We go to Belgium, France and The Netherlands. We go to the heart of Flanders, the short steep climbs in the ...
Updated by CTG on 6 May 2014

Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany: Little Europe

10 Days Moderate
This trip starts in eastern Belgium near the town of Bastogne, where we will learn about one of the most important events of the Second World War: The Battle of the Bulge. After this, we'll enter Luxembourg and travel towards the quiet, historical small towns of Clervaux, Vianden and Echternach. ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

London - Amsterdam

8 Days
Four countries and one tour with the green and the blue colour as a common thread. The intense green of the English countryside, the vibrant green of the Flemish pastures, the colourful green of the Dutch orchards. And blue, as synonym of water, from the River Thames to the North Sea, to the ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

Willems-Route by bike & boat

7 Days
Belgium and Dutch Limburg is just sensational! It is with its 1800 km bike paths, very good sign-posting and great cuisine a real paradise for cyclists. The three countries are well-known for its cuisine, the numerous types of flans, chocolate, cheese and about 750 different Belgium beers. Enjoy ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

Flanders by bike & boat

8 Days
Not only big Flemish art cities as Bruges, Brussels, Gent and Antwerp attest of the art treasure Flanders. Along old canals and via avenues you cycle into rural and old villages, where beer is still brewed as in ancient times. And who tries this beer in one of the rural inns will be welcomed by ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014


6 Days
How about a nice exploration of the city of Bruges and the beautiful Belgian coast nearby? This cycling tour will give you ample opportunity to do so. You will discover the proud city of Bruges, the "Venice of the North", in a different way. Besides the tourist highlights of the famous city, you ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014


7 Days
Be seduced from lovely Belgium in the heart of Europe, where roman and German culture band together harmonically. Explore the cosmopolitan harbour- and Rubens city Antwerp as well as the numerous buildings in the cities of Gent, Bruges and contemplative Mechelen during a stroll. Enjoy the charm ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

Amsterdam - Burges, MS Fluvius

8 Days
This journey combines cultural highlights and scenic areas in Holland and Flanders. You cycle along flat bike paths from metropolis Amsterdam to Bruges, the Venice of the North. In Holland impressing cottages, cheese dairys and the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk are seaming your route. In Belgium ...
Updated by CTG on 3 May 2014

Amsterdam to Bruges

8 Days Easy
Discover charming old Dutch towns and some of Belgium’s most attractive cities, as you follow the waterways from Holland into Belgium.
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

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