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Beer Cycling
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Beer Cycling

Getting you from pint A to pint B

A vacation visiting the best breweries and beer cafes in Belgium or the Netherlands. To fully experience your journey you would prefer to cycle between Pint A and Pint B. You’re not looking for a pub crawl; You would rather earn your beer and practice the quality over quantity principal.
Their Tours

Italian Passion

5 Days Easy 135 MLS
Italy is more than just pasta and wine. Come discover why brewers all over the world are looking to Italy for “the next big thing” in beer. This tour takes place in northern Italy, starting in Milan and ending in Parma (5 day tour) or Rome (8 day tour). The region is flat and we will visit 5 ...

Ardennes Challenge

9 Days Mod-Advanced 260 Km
Looking for a challenging ride with the best liquid rewards? This tour takes place in the southeastern portion of Belgium, in French speaking “Wallonia”. We’ll visit a least 8 breweries, three Trappist monasteries, and a WWII history site.

Oregon Beerway

5 Days Adv-Challenging 90 MLSAVG 12 MLS
Our newest tour is in the beer mecca of Oregon, focusing on craft beers and scenic bikeways. This tour starts in beer-rich Portland, Oregon before heading east along the Columbia River historic highway/bikeway. We’ll visit at least 7 breweries, and be overwhelmed with daily photo-ops, all ...

Flanders Adventure

10 Days Easy-Moderate 220 MLS
Our longest running, most popular tour, now in it’s 7th year. This tour takes place in West Flanders, an area rich with beer culture. We’ll visit 9 breweries, the North Sea, and several WWI history sites.

Flanders Discovery

10 Days Moderate 238 MLS
Foodies unite: In addition to visiting around 8 breweries, 2 Trappist monasteries, and touring a farm, we will dine our hearts out with amazing beer-cooked and beer-paired meals along the tour.

Flanders Sampler

4 Days Easy-Moderate 90 MLS
The perfect beer experience in the “Westhoek” region of Belgium. This tour takes place in West Flanders, an area rich with beer culture. We’ll visit at least 5 breweries, Westvleteren Trappist abbey, the North Sea, and several WWI history sites.

Dutch Tulips

4 Days Easy-Moderate 106 MLS
There is nothing quite like the sight of the tulips blooming in Springtime Netherlands. We’ll ride our bikes right through the heart of one of the most scenic destinations on the planet. Dutch beer may not be as wide-known as their Belgian counterparts but they are going through a beer ...

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