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Barcelona CicloTour
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Barcelona 08001
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Barcelona CicloTour

Barcelona CicloTour

The best way to discover Barcelona is by bike

Their Barcelona bike tours give a deeper view into the best of this Mediterranean metropolis... history, urban stories, squares, beaches, shops, people and the energy of a modern city that is richly diverse in the culture reflected throughout its streets and neighborhoods.

You will enjoy the sites and sensations of Barcelona with the freedom and pleasure of riding a bicycle, discovering more in only 3 1/2 hours than by walking or from the seat of a tourist bus. The Barcelona CicloTour team of trained guides will show you the historical details and the fascinating experiences of the day to day life and the symbolic places of Barcelona.
Their Tours

Tibidado Group Tour

3 Hours
Barcelona has everything: the sun, sea, and a beautiful city but it also has the Mountain of Tibidabo which sits at the back of the city and has the most breathtaking and panoramic views in all of Barcelona. We transport the group and bikes to the top of the mountain where you can leisurely ...

Beach Group Tour

3 Hours Blog
One of the most unique qualities of Barcelona over other European cities is its combination of dense urban streets that go right down to golden beaches and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Because Barcelona is so easy to cycle around, you can see more in 3 hours on this tour by bike than you could in ...

Tapas Group Tour

3 Hours Easy
Barcelona is world famous for its tasty Tapas food and on this tour you are taken to a variety of bars specialising in Tapas where you stop to sit down and taste these beautiful delicacies.Discover the main landmarks and sights of Barcelona and also some of its hidden corners on a leisurely bike ...

Barcelona Night Tour

3 Hours
The night tour is a fun way to see how Barcelona enjoys itself when the sun goes down. Ride along the beautifully illuminated streets and buildings by night stopping at the beach for a refreshing drink. Then off to watch the amazing Magic Fountains.

Barcelona Daily Tour

3.5 Hours Easy Blog
Enjoy Barcelona’s most popular sights including: the works of Gaudi including the Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter, the Cathedral and Roman City walls, Parc Ciutadella, the beaches and much more, all in a relaxed tour of about 3 hours with 17 stops. In English, our trained guides tell the ...

Barcelona City Group Tour

3.5 Hours Blog
While taking a relaxing bike ride, see the most famous sights, monuments and places that make Barcelona such an amazing place to visit. The Barcelona City Tour shows you the essential Barcelona taking you uptown to La Sagrada Familia and downtown to the beach as well as to some of the city’s ...

Barcelona Modernist Group Tour

3 Hours
Whether you are an expert or a novice of Modernist architecture and design you will love this tour. It shows you some Modernist curiosities and hidden corners as well as the most outstanding buildings and monuments representative of a golden age in Barcelona’s history and expansion. The Catalan ...

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