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Banana Adventure Tours
Contact Number:
International +506 2294 5296
Mobile/Cell +506 8980 5285
PO Box 1641
San José 2150
Costa Rica
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Banana Adventure Tours

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Cloud Forest and Volcano Trails

5 Days Mod-Advanced
Enjoy five days of activities and fun through lush forest surrounded by giant trees, exquisite tropical flowers, exuberant wildlife, active volcanoes, and high quality lodging. On this trip you will experience mountain biking in some of the Central America's top bike trails, delight the canopy ...

Mountain bike tours

2 Days
Costa Rica is a very mountainous country, which makes it perfect to practice mountain biking tours in the different places, from the beautiful beaches of the Pacific to the breathtaking forests of the high lands. Come and experience the amazing landscapes offered by the active volcanoes ...

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