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Baltic Cycling
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Baltic Cycling

Baltic Cycling is a new cycling company, founded in year 2012, in cooperation with Vidzeme Tourism Association, who has more than 15 years experience in the tourism field not only in Vidzeme (North Latvia), but also (through various European projects) in other Baltic States, mostly Estonia.

Vidzeme Tourism Association is a NGO, who has about 100 members in North Latvia, among them 27 local municipalities, University and tourism entrepreneurs. You can read more about us here!

As a result of the growing cycling tourism market, for the new tourism season we have decided to promote or region even more by creating a special offer for cycling tourists, and also benefiting our members.

Our experience has been acquired throughout many years of regional cooperation between the municipalities and tourism entrepreneurs, as well as European Cycling projects, most notably Tour de LatEst and CentralBalticCycling. We are also responsible for EuroVelo 13 (Iron Curtain Trail) route development process in Latvia and VTA is the official organisation in Latvia who is responsible for allocating the cycling route numbers in Latvia.

By chosing our offers you are benefiting from our vast experience, local know-how, reasonable pricing and high quality service.
Their Tours

Liepaja surroundings and nature

2 Days Moderate 200 Km
Liepāja is the third largest city in Latvia and offers its visitors not only beautiful architecture, but also many attractions for all ages. Rich with cultural, and especially Military heritage it is a perl among other cities, as in Liepāja you can fully appreciate the former Soviet military ...

West Latvia coast and Slitere National Park

3 Days Moderate 200 Km
Slītere National park is located in the upper-western Latvia and offers the cyclists various paths along the seaside and through the forests. There is not only rich Soviet military heritage in that area, but also many historic villages and nature paths. The area is scarcely populated, so you won ...

Vidzeme coast and Gauja National Park

5 Days Moderate 200 Km
Gauja National Park is the first and the oldest National Park in Latvia. Located in North Latvia, the National park is characterized by a high biological diversity, rock outcrops and varied terrain shapes, springs, picturesque landscapes and many historical and cultural monuments from different ...

Latvian Castle and Manor Route

7 Days Moderate 300 Km
The Latvian Castle and Manor cycling route is almoast 300 km long and it is recommended to do the route in 7 days. The route mainly consists of asphalted roads with low traffic intensity and bike paths that are mostly available in the cities – Saulkrasti, Sigulda, and Ogre, Bauska, Jelgava and ...

The Route of Latvian Rivers

10 Days Moderate 400 Km
A new route that goes through the National Parks, Biosphere reserves and the most beautiful Latvian rivers. The national cycling route along the rivers of Latvia is more than 400 km long and it is recommended for 7 – 10 days. The route is marked all the way, and mainly consists of asphalted ...

Tour de LatEst Latvia and Estonia

14 Days Moderate 1296 Km
The cycling route “Tour de LatEst” goes through two countries – Latvia and Estonia. The total length of the route is 1296km. About a half of the road surface is asphalt and the other half – gravel. It must be taken into account that the quality of gravel roads changes depending on the weather ...

Rīga (Cekule) - Ērgļi

2 Days 100 KmAVG 50 Km
Greenway start/finish at the former railway station Cekule, located right next to the Riga ring road that also leads directly to Vilnius and Tallinn. About 100 km long, the Greenway goes through Vidzeme woodland and landscape areas and is suitable for cyclists, pedestrians and Nordic walkers ...

Silver Castle and Manor House Route at Vidzeme Coast

3 Days Moderate 184 KmAVG 61 Km
The tour begins from Saulkrasti city where the only military bicycle museum in the Baltic States is located. From Saulkrasti the route continues to Hanseatic city Limbaži and then until Salacgrīva. From Salacgriva the route continues along to the coastline till Tuja village, visiting the ...

Jurmala resort and Latvia’s West Coast

4 Days Moderate 235 Km
Cycling tourists are offered exciting bike tour for exploring coastal resort city Jurmala through Kemeri National park, Abava river valley and beautiful Western Latvia towns – Kandava, Sabile, Tukums and Talsi, later on returning back to Jurmala or the capital city - Riga

Golden Ring Tour

6 Days Easy-Moderate 190 Km
The Golden Ring Tour offers Cycling tourists exciting route along the picturesque coast of Northern Latvia, starting from Riga – European Capital of Culture 2014. Until Saulkrasti town the route goes along the signposted EuroVelo 13 route, and then turns towards the Gauja National Park, passing ...

The Best of the Baltic Sea coast

14 Days Moderate 640 Km
The new European Cycling Route EuroVelo, also called the Iron Curtain Trail (ICT), passes through 20 countries from the north of Finland to Turkey and covers 8800 km. The total length of the 13th ICT route in Latvia is 562 km. About half of the route consists of asphalted roads with low ...

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