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Bali Eco Cycling
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Ubud Bali
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Bali Eco Cycling

Bali Budaya Tours (Bali Cultural Tours), known locally as Bali Eco was established in 1999 with the intentions of conducting tours that offered the visitor to Bali a unique and rewarding experience. That is, taking them away from the tourist areas and showing them the Bali they wanted to see - the "Real Bali", not just the beautiful scenery, but giving them a hands on experience of typical Balinese daily life and a feel for the "magic" and "spirit" of this stunning island, it's beautiful people and it's amazing culture. Whether it be on a mountain bike gliding down on non tourist, minor village roads from the Mt. Batur volcano to Ubud, climbing an active volcano to experience a memorable sunrise and exploring it's powerful beauty, trekking through virgin rainforest, past mountain crater lakes, past ancient temples or sublime rice paddy scenery or traveling around this unique and remarkably diverse island for a two, three, four, five or seven day drive, explore stay tour. Our intentions are always the same: to give our guests a unique and memorable experience that they could not obtain from another tour company or experience themselves.
Their Tours

Bali Eco & Educational Tour

1 Days
The original and authentic eco/educational cycling tour, (many try to copy us) this tour was designed to take the visitor to Bali away from the tourist areas and show them the Bali they want to see – ‘the real Bali’ and to learn about the Balinese culture in the process and that’s what we have ...

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