The Forgotten World

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1 Day(s)
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Find out for yourself why they call this road the Forgotten World Highway. During this cycle you will experience the �Real Taranaki� where the men are tough and the woman are even tougher. As you depart from New Zealand�s only working Glockenspiel you will explore villages that time has simply forgotten. While the world moves on, these old townships are cut off from technology and live life the old way where a handshake is more binding than a legal contract. You can stop in at the Lavender Lanes magnificent purple fields and talk to the hard working farmers who want to share their passion with others. You can purchase your own keepsakes and take a part of their home to be a part of your home. You can stop in at the Toko Tavern and have a hot coffee with the locals before continuing on.As you cycle through Douglas it won�t take long before being confronted with the challenge that is the Strathmore Saddle. Once you have clawed your way to the top of this gruelling hill you are rewarded with arguably the best view of Mount Taranaki in the entire region. Take a moment to breathe in the clean fresh air and drink in your surroundings before cruising down the other side of the saddle and giving your legs a much needed rest from peddling. Not far from the Strathmore Saddle is the Te Wera Forrest, home to many exotic trees and native wildlife.From Te Wera onwards you will find yourself getting deeper and deeper into this forgotten countryside. As you approach and attempt to conquer the mighty Whangamomona Saddle you will feel your cycle journey is coming to an end but your biggest experience is yet to come. You will arrive at the republic of Whangamomona and experience some truly genuine characters that this harsh land has created. Have a beer with the locals at the Whangamomona Hotel and trade stories as you relax after your colossal effort of biking the Forgotten World Highway. Never has a beer been so well deserved. Get lost in the atmosphere that is Whangamomona as you wait for your ride to come and pick you up and take you back to civilisation.


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1 Days
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NZD 130

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66 Km

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Bike, Helmet, Safety Gear & Briefing, Map and Shuttle


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