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Ayas Tour
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Ayas Tour

Ayas Tour

“AyasTour” company was created to discover the hidden beauty of Armenia for nature and culture lovers and for adventure hunters, to develop intercultural communications and links between tourists and Armenian people. Additionally they are eager to promote a responsible way of travel as they care about the people and places they see on our travels.
Their Tours

Armenia On Wheels

8 Days Moderate
The route of this cycling tour passes through the central and northern part of our historical country including a number of architectural and natural monuments. Three overnights are in the capital city of Armenia, the est overnights are in different towns of Armenia: in Stepanavan, in the in the ...

Cycle and explore

7 Days Moderate 320 Km
This 6 days cycling tour covers mostly the central part of Armenia and gives an opportunity to explore the important touristic sights of our small country. Only one overnight is organized on the beautiful shores of Lake Sevan, the rest overnights are in the capital city of Armenia. Armenia has ...

Cycling in Armenia and Arcakh

12 Days Moderate 611 KmAVG 67 Km
Among our cycling trips this tour is the longest one which stretches from the south to north and from the east to west including the most remarkable sights of Armenia together with Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Cyclists will ride through the most significant places of our small landlocked Armenia ...

Armenian Off-road

8 Days Moderate
In early period this cave construction was called Ayrivank (Cave monastery), and since XIII century — Gegard, in honor of the Sacred spear which is stored in the monastery. It was one of the largest cultural centers of medieval Armenia. The most ancient monument is the semi-rocky chapel of the ...

Cycling Armenia

11 Days Moderate 545 KmAVG 60 Km
This 11 days cycling tour stretches from South to North and from East to West through the central parts of the country. Cyclists will ride throught the most significant places of our small landlocked Armenia. Four overnights are in capital city of Armenia, two overnights are in a calm town of ...

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