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Austin-Lehman Adventures
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Austin-Lehman Adventures

See the World on Two Wheels

Pedal from canyon to countryside, village to vineyard, meadow to mountaintop, fully immersed in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the region on our biking vacations. Mountain bike through vast forests and into the depths of steep-walled canyons. Cycle along lakeside shores and longhorn sheep-studded pastures. Stop for photographs, a winery tour or a latte in a village café. At the end of the day, there's nothing better than a well-deserved soak in a natural hot spring, a glass of fine local wine, a sumptuous meal and a restful night's sleep.

Austin-Lehman has been leading extraordinary biking trips and cycling tours for nearly a quarter century. Whether a beginning recreational biker or an advanced cyclist or mountain biker, we'll create a route with the right level of ride-time and mileage, just for you. Your pace is yours to decide.
Their Tours

Black Hills to Mt Rushmore

6 Days Moderate
See praries and pronghorns the spectacular Great Plains of South Dakota Mention the Black Hills of South Dakota and images of Sturgis, the world’s largest motorcycle rally come to mind. What many don’t imagine is an oasis of pine-clad mountains and prairie land,abundant wildlife, world-class ...

Vienna to Prague

7 Days Moderate
The Best of Baroque architecture, Bohemian Forest and Budvar beer. From Austria’s fabled Danube River to the lush Lake District and Bohemian Forest of the Czech Republic, this nine-day adventure offers an ideal recipe of scenery, history and culture.

Alps to Salzburg

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Revel in the awesome beauty of the Austrian Alps With soaring, snow-capped peaks, thundering waterfalls, glacier-carved gorges and scenic villages, Austria is the perfect playground for the adventurous at heart.

Danish Isles

7 Days Easy
Explore the land of the Vikings Island hop through gently rolling countryside laced with extensive bike paths, historic ruins, royal castles, thatch-roofed farmhouses and colorful fishing villages on this eight-day Danish Isles adventure.


6 Days
A taste of the good life in the heart of France Pedal ancient roads through picturesque farms and world-renowned wine villages, taking in the serenity of the landscape and the sweet, ubiquitous scent of grape vines on this six-day Burgundy biking experience.


6 Days Easy-Moderate
A two-wheeled journey from the beaches of Brittany to the battlefields of Normandy Follow a spectacular shoreline from St-Malo to Bayeux, snaking through fishing harbors, along windswept seaside plateaus, past historic WWII sites and into a rolling green countryside peppered with sheep ...

Loire Valley

7 Days Easy
From castles to châteaux, bask in the sumptuous charm of the Loire Valley Retrace the footsteps of King Charles VIII, Catherine de Medici, Leonardo da Vinci and Joan of Arc as you indulge in rich history, charming villages and world-class cuisine of la Loire.


6 Days Easy-Moderate
Rambling vineyards, rich history and world-renowned cuisine The magnificent region of Provence offers an ideal mix of dry climate, picturesque hill towns, Roman ruins and landscapes blanketed in lavender, sunflowers, vineyards and olive groves.

Mosel Valley

6 Days Easy
Wine villages, whimsical gardens and medieval wonders along the waters of the Mosel Pedal Germany’s abundant wine-growing region from Trier to Koblenz, exploring imperial cities, majestic castles, lush gardens and ancient Roman artifacts on this seven-day adventure following the gentle ...

Romantic Road

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Village hop along Germany’s fabled Romantic Road Medieval towns, quiet country roads, magnificent castles and charming locals set the perfect stage for your weeklong adventure from Nördlingen to Wertheim along Germany’s Middle Age trade route, the Romantic Road.

Haarlem to Odoorn

7 Days Easy
A fairytale countryside laced with bike paths, windmills and charm Emerald pastures, wildflower-strewn meadows, cobblestone villages and working windmills create the quintessential Dutch backdrop on this eight-day adventure through Holland’s pristine northern territory.

Highlights of Holland

4 Days Easy
The best of the Netherlands in five days With its flat terrain, stunning springtime flowers, beautiful coastline and countless fietspad (bike paths), there’s no better way to explore Holland than by bicycle.

Brussels to Gent

6 Days Easy
The flavors of Flanders: a true taste of Holland and Belgium If you’ve never tasted a Belgium french fry with spicy sauce Américaine, you’re in for a treat! Savor the unique flavors, quaint harbor towns, scenic canals and first-class art of Holland and Belgium on this seven-day adventure.


6 Days Advanced - Challenging
Food, wine, history and scenery that simply can’t be beat Welcome to your classic Tuscan adventure – to six full days of mouth-watering food, graceful rolling vineyards, weathered hillside villas and vibrant cities brimming with art, history and old-world charm.

South Tyrol to Lake Garda

8 Days Moderate
The best of Tyrol and Trentino in one amazing adventure... Follow the Etsch River (or Adige River, as it’s called in Italy) on a gentle, predominately downhill ride from South Tyrol to Lake Garda, with the majestic peaks of the Alps and Dolomites as your backdrop.

Julian Alps

6 Days Moderate
Europe's tiny, unspoiled secret One of Europe's least traveled destinations, Slovenia's fjord-like lakes, thundering waterfalls, rolling wine country and spectacular Julian Alps are begging to be explored. Discover it now, before the crowds do!

La Rioja

7 Days Moderate
Unspoiled landscapes, fine cuisine and remarkable history in the Navarra and Rioja provinces of northern Spain Venture to the foothills of the Pyrenees, where fortified castles and colorful cloisters create a landscape of timeless beauty and tell the captivating story of Spain’s vibrant past.

Alps to Salzburg Family

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Castles, cable cars and glacier-carved canyons in the Austrian Alps With soaring, snow-capped peaks, thundering waterfalls, fortress-topped hills and elaborate cave systems, Austria brings out the adventurer in everyone.

Danish Isles Family

8 Days Easy
Island hop in the land of the Vikings Welcome to the Danish Isles – to gently rolling countryside laced with bike paths, castles, colorful fishing villages and Viking lore – the perfect setting for your eight-day Denmark family adventure.

Loire Valley Family

7 Days Easy
Nothing sparks a child’s imagination like the medieval castles of the Loire From castles to kings to vintage cars, this weeklong Loire Valley adventure is a recipe for family fun.

Mosel Valley Family

6 Days Easy
From wine villages to medieval wonders: the Mosel Valley wows parents and kids alike Explore imperial cities, majestic castles, whimsical gardens and ancient Roman artifacts on this seven-day family adventure along the gentle, meandering path of the Mosel River.

Amsterdam to Odoorn Family

6 Days Easy
Laced with bike paths, Holland is the ultimate family biking retreat Emerald pastures, wildflower-strewn meadows, cobblestone villages and working windmills set the perfect stage for family fun on this 8 day adventure through Holland’s pristine northern territory.

Black Hills to Mt Rushmore Family

6 Days Moderate
Prairies, pronghorns and National Parks in the spectacular Great Plains of South Dakota The Black Hills of South Dakota: a family-friendly oasis of pine-clad mountains and prairie land, abundant wildlife, world-class National Parks and a host of dedicated Rails to Trails bike routes.

Carinthia to the Julian Alps

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Kick off your trip among the quaint villages and alpine lakes of Austria’s Carinthia region before making your way to Slovenia, one of Europe’s least traveled destinations. River gorges, riparian canyons, rolling wine country and the jaw-dropping Julian Alps set the stage for six days of crowd ...

Wine Country

10 Days
World-famous wine, fabulous fare and spectacular scenery in the heart of the Andes Tucked away beneath the towering peaks of the Andes, sits one of the finest and most striking wine regions on the planet. Taste your way from Mendoza to Salta by foot, bike, and horseback on this ten-day ...

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