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Art of Bicycle Trips
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Art of Bicycle Trips

Art of Bicycle Trips

It changes perspective

Art of Bicycle Trips offers simple and unique ways to intimately experience the real India. We design unique cycling, walking & hiking safaris exploring the culture, heritage and countryside of India. We see biking and walking as a catalyst for new paradigm based on the human traits of truth, honesty and freedom and so is followed by our people.
Their Tours

Passage To India - Bangalore

1 Days Moderate
On this one-day safari, discover old visions of India: a land of elephants, laughing children, rice paddies, granite cliffs and temple after temple; visit Janapada Loka, Karnataka’s premier folk-culture centre or marvel at Channapatna’s, a toy-town, exquisite craftsmanship. This is a real rural ...
Verified by Art of Bicycle Trips on 16 Sep 2014

Passage to India - Fort Kochi

1 Days Moderate
Caught between the backwaters and Arabian sea, this is simply the best rural biking trail combined with village life experiences around Fort Kochi. It is a day-cycle ride that lets you feel the charm of simple Keralan backwater life and villages. Ride through vast paddy fields, fish farms ...
Verified by Art of Bicycle Trips on 16 Sep 2014

Classic Kerala

10 Days Moderate
The narrow strip of land in the South West edge of India, straddling the sandy coastline and being thrashed by waves from the Arabian Sea, is hard to ignore. Bursting with a variety of experiences, it figures in top ‘travel to’ destinations for its plethora of culture, verdant surroundings ...
Verified by Art of Bicycle Trips on 16 Sep 2014

A Taste of Kerala

12 Days Moderate
Ride through the God's Own Route and leisurely float across the backwaters of Kerala on this timeless Kerala safari. With its evergreen mountains, dense forests, swift flowing rivers, abundant wildlife, extensive backwaters and blue lagoons, Kerala looks like a fairyland. No wonder Kerala has ...
Verified by Art of Bicycle Trips on 16 Sep 2014

Hanoi to Luang Prabang Multisport Tour

12 Days Moderate
Northern Vietnam and Laos are home to mountains covered with lush tropical forests. The rolling terrain combined with gradual long climbs from low-lying riverside valleys to highlands are just perfect – a cyclist’s delight. Here you get to ride along the beautiful rivers and through spectacular ...

Classic Myanmar

8 Days Easy 180 Km
Experience the distinctive culture of Myanmar(Burma) on ‘The Road to Mandalay’ Bike and boat around the surreal floating villages on Inle Lake Enjoy spectacular views of ‘Stupas’ stretching out into the horizon in Bagan Ride around teak wood palaces from a bygone era in Mandalay Bay Journey ...

Central Vietnam

8 Days Easy
Dive into the thick of things in Vietnam where old school meets the new and lush countrysides and pristine beaches go hand in hand with bustling wet markets, charming old towns and and trendy young cities. There is something for everyone who ventures here. Explore temples, pagodas and ...

Victorian Bangalore Safari

1 Days Moderate
This relaxed bicycle safari takes you back in the Victorian era, tracing the history of Bangalore Cantonment through the South Parade (now MG Road) and Cubbon Park. It is Art of Bicycle Trip’s classic design to give you an exhilarating glimpse into the true garden city and its colonial past from ...

Nahargarh Loop

4 Hours Moderate
Explore Jaipur on a short half day long ride on your bike, meandering through the narrow streets, past glorious monuments and palaces of Jaipur. The city is a treat for history lovers and the best way to get a glimpse of the capital of Rajasthan will be on your bike. We touch some of the most ...

Lakecity Loop

4 Hours Moderate
Explore the ‘City of lakes’ on a 40km half day long ride on the bike, swerving to untreaded nooks and corners through the beautiful countryside and absorbing this historic capital of Mewar at your own pace. Udaipur is often assigned monikers to include its status as the lake hub of Rajasthan ...

Sholay Adventure

1 Days Moderate
On this one day biking adventure, relive the times of Sholay as you wind your way through the untainted routes of Ramanagaram. Imagine scaling the ravines inhabited by sholay ‘s gabbar singh, stepping across boulders where basanti danced over glass and biking through the beautiful countryside ...

Nandi Challenge

1 Days Advanced - Challenging
Perched at a height of 4,851 ft (1,479 m) above sea level, Nandi Hills offers a surprise of breathtaking views and scenic beauty. The sides of the hill are clothed with scrub forest mixed with eucalyptus and Lantana. This adrenaline pumping bicycle safari will make you write a poetry on your ...

Nrityagram Dance Village Safari

1 Days Easy-Moderate
At Nrityagram, dance is a way of life, a matter of faith and belief, nurtured and enriched by the souls of its own people. It is a community of dancers in a remote place amidst nature. This leisurely bicycle safari combines the delightful classical dance experience with the charms of an idyllic ...

Spirited Manali to Leh

14 Days Advanced - Challenging
Get ready to ride on one of the most outrageously beautiful trails in India! Given the hazard of altitude, bumpy roads and sheer cold, the Manali-Leh bike tour circuit is both challenging and highly rewarding cycling experience. At an average elevation of 13000 feet the 479 km route from Manali ...

Pristine Konkan West Coastline

14 Days Moderate
The hippies of the 60s and 70s probably traversed the same route before pitching for months in the sandy stretches of India’s favourite beach destination, Goa. Only, your journey will far from the easy Boho life that they came here for, but the feeling is sure to be equally cathartic! In this ...

Splendid Sikkim & Darjeeling

12 Days Moderate
Landlocked between the towering Himalayas from sides, the most striking part of Sikkim, apart from its astounding natural beauty, is the’ happiness quotient’ of the people. Call it’s the result of good weather, company of the Himalayas or just a genetic marvel, you will love the cheerful vibe of ...

Southwest Coast - Bangalore to Goa

14 Days Moderate
Dotted with ancient architectural wonders, thick green coffee plantations and golden sands, the Bangalore to Goa bike tour is topographically scintillating as well as a fulfilling cycling route. It’s a trip into the past with thousands of years old temples, local flavours in food and language ...

Magical Ladakh

10 Days
With an unmatchable ‘blueness’ in the sky and wonderfully unique vistas of lofty brown desert mountains, monasteries perched on hilltops and bright windows adorning white washed ‘Lego like’ houses, Leh is nothing short of a topographical wonder! Looking at the surreal landscape around you, you ...

Exotic India - Agra to Jaipur

10 Days
Discover the comparatively untreaded paths of the most popular travel circuit in India on this exotic bike tour. This trip encompasses all the elements of India that makes it unique in persona, to any other country.

Enchanting Tamil Nadu

10 Days Moderate
This trip entails travelling back in time to 2500 years ago to the heart of the Dravidian civilization. Besides the easy paced coastal cycling stretch, you can look forward to significant historical monuments, largely temples from the significant dynasties that ruled Southern India. Fresh ...

Colorful Rajasthan

10 Days Moderate
Rajasthan offers the ‘quintessential’ India experience with its vivacious energy of colours, dances, history and warm hospitality. Let the Thar Desert amaze you with its diverse topography shifting from pale brown sand dunes to the green Aravalis, dotted with quaint villages, architectural ...

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