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Arizona Outback Adventures
Contact Number:
International +1 866-455-1601
+1 480-945-2881
17465 N. 93rd St.
Scottsdale Arizona 85255
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Arizona Outback Adventures

Arizona Outback Adventures

In business since 1997, Arizona Outback Adventures specializes in multi-day guided adventure tours throughout the Southwest, single-day guided tours in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Phoenix metro area, bicycle rentals, and team building and other events for corporate groups. Each year, over 8,000 guests trust AOA to handle their daily activities and week-long vacations. From the individual traveler to the family vacation, from the small corporate retreat to the large company team building event, they take pride in offering a truly unique outdoor experience with an unsurpassed level of service. Their staff is comprised of professional and experienced guides/facilitators with the perfect blend of corporate know-how, and extensive outdoors experience.

"We aim to create unparalleled memories for you, your family, and your fellow adventurers."
Their Tours

Sonoran Desert Mountain Biking

3 Days Mod-Advanced 70 MLSAVG 23 MLS
Extraordinary single-track, beautiful views, towering cacti, 75-degree weather – all of this is the perfect escape when it’s too cold to ride at home! Nobody knows Arizona’s central Sonoran Desert better than the guides who live and ride here. Each day you will ride rolling singletrack with ...

Scottsdale Mountain Bike Tour

4 Hours Easy-Moderate Deal
Do you love to feel the warm desert air whipping past you while cruising over dirt trails? If so, AOA’s half-day guided mountain bike tours are the thing for you. The Sonoran Desert surrounding the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area is a beautiful and rugged landscape with some of the best mountain ...

Southern Utah Road Bike + Hike Tour

5 Days Moderate 133 MLSAVG 26 MLS
Southern Utah is full of treasures best seen from the vantage point of a bicycle. Each park we’ll visit is unique and famous in its own right, including the whimsical hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park, the unbelievable rock formations of Kodachrome State Park, the undisturbed natural beauty ...

Southern Arizona Road Bike Tour

4 Days Mod-Advanced 170 MLSAVG 42 MLS
When you feel like winter’s icy grip will never let go, reward yourself with a cycling trip to Southern Arizona where the sun-warmed roads wind past towering cacti and jagged mountains. You will be amazed at the sight of the mighty saguaro cactus, lush green vineyards, sparkling lakes, and snow ...

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