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Magical Marrakech Tasting Tour
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3 hours
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Bike included
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City Tour
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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Daily 10am and 2pm
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Argan Sports
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Magical Marrakech Tasting Tour

3 Hours Easy

Savor Marrakech flavor on the famous Magical Marrakech Tasting tour. It is hard to describe the eclectic combination of sweet, sour, salty and velvety smooth combinations that have made Marrakech a name that has made taste buds water for more than 1000 years! This culinary adventure starts and finishes on a bike to prepare you for your plunge into Marrakech culinary History. This tour offers you the opportunity to sample dishes like tangia and tagine both local Marrakchi specialty meat dishes. You will taste the freshly baked bread also called (houbz) in local dareeja. We will wander through the infamous Jemma El Fna and the Marrakech souqs, while learning about the different food artisans, food culture, and the history of the area. You can see how argan oil is made and learn more about this unique Moroccan oil. All along the way you will be amazed by the variety of tastes from the nuts, to the olives, to the sweet treats. No visit is complete without a visit to a local spice market where we can hear how spices are used in Moroccan dishes plus more!
Night tasting tour also available at 6pm
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