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Argan Sports
Contact Number:
Office Phone +212 5 24 40 02 07 +212 524400207
Mobile +212 6 22 27 86 10 +212 622278610
Rue Fatima Al Fihria
Marrakech Marrakech 00000
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Argan Sports

Argan Sports

Argan Xtreme Sports is a bicycle company, composed of four different biking realms. A bicycle shop, cafe, bicycle touring, and distribution. AXS is an authorized Giant Bicycles distributor.

Their goal is to provide a fun, ECO friendly, biking experience for all those wishing to visit and those who already reside in the beautiful, sunny Kingdom of Morocco. Come join the AXS family for an Xtreme customer service oriented experience.
Their Tours

The Marrakech Atlas Etape

4 Days 400 KmAVG 100 Km
The Marrakech Atlas Etape Cycling Package has an incredible beginning. Mike McHugo founder of Kasbah Toubkal, Education For All and other great ventures contacted Saif of AXS with his idea of a cycling sportive that benefits Education For All. AXS was going to start doing cycling sportives so a ...


8 Days Moderate 600 KmAVG 75 Km
The Peaks and Valleys of the High Atlas is a 7 night 8 day Tour with options for 3 night and 4 nights for those with less time. It was designed for those that love beautiful landscapes like none other in the world. This tour snakes through the breathtaking Atlas Mountains. A fully supported tour ...

The Atlantic Atlas Loop

7 Days Moderate 650 KmAVG 92 Km
The Atlantic Atlas Loop is a great way to see the varied landscapes of the Moroccan countryside. You will experience the Atlantic Coast, Atlas Mountains and even some Moroccan desert. On this 7 day 600+kilometers excursion, you will immerse yourself into Moroccan food and culture. What better ...

Atlas Mountain Biking & Spa Package

8 Days
This package is a real hit with those customers who want to combine luxury travel with a connection to the natural beauty of the Atlas Mountains. The starting point is only an hours drive from Marrakesh so there is little time wasted in travel and maximal time for biking and relaxing

A-Lux Atlas Mountain Package

6 Days 300 KmAVG 50 Km
6 days of biking with expert mountain guides.

All Bike Intense Tour Challenge High Atlas

6 Days Moderate 300 KmAVG 50 Km
Intense mountain biking with a guide in Morocco's High Atlas mountains.

The Imlil Tour

1 Days Mod-Advanced
Imlil lies at the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains approximately 70 kilometers south of Marrakech, this haven of tranquility, which is perfectly nestled on the mountains, forms the base from which serious riding is conducted. Our guides know this awesome little village like the back of ...

Enter the Atlas Off Road

1 Days Moderate 30 Km
If you have always wondered where the road leads to when you turn off before the village of Asni on the mountain road, today you will find out. The signpost says ‘Moulay Brahim’, a village named after a well-known Moroccan Sufi saint. The AXS crew has discovered amazing trails and pistes through ...

The 360 Tour

1 Days Easy-Moderate 18 Km
Welcome to the 360 tour. This ride can be a laid-back cruise along quiet country Berber back roads or a fast paced adventure flying down the mountainside. See draw dropping and awe-inspiring scenery at every turn. Discovering Morocco and the Atlas mountains by bike can feel like a daydream…but ...

The Asni Tour

1 Days Mod-Advanced
The Asni Tour is an off-road journey deep into the Atlas Mountains. Athletically, this is one of our more difficult tours, but intermediate mountain riders who are in good shape would be equipped to handle the tour if they are up for a bit of a challenge. Riders will travel through quaint ...

The Oukaimeden Tour

1 Days Mod-Advanced
The Oukaimeden Tour is one that will definitely give you a full days worth of great mountain biking. We start at 2,698 meters, our highest elevated start of all our mountain biking tours. We drop over 2,199 meters over 47 kilometers. Fast paced descents you will experience while viewing the High ...

The Ourigane Valley Tour

1 Days Mod-Advanced
This is a full day tour of the beautiful Ouirgane Valley in the high Atlas Mountains. AXS wants to share this secluded pocket of paradise through our two-wheeled friend the bike! This peaceful valley is surrounded by timeless Berber villages where you can see the pleasures of a simpler life ...

The Palmery Tour

4 Hours Easy
The Palmery tour is a three to four hour long off road adventure into the palm forest that lies the outskirts of Marrakech, known as “The Palmery.” Riders will travel through the contours of this mega-oasis, its tiny “off the map” villages, and stunning ruins of civilizations past. This tour ...

The Zok Tour AKA The Ouka Monster

1 Days Adv-Challenging
The Zok Tour aka The Ouka Monster is the ride featured in the Marrakech Atlas Etape charity ride. The MAE was co founded by AXS Founder/President Saif Kovach and Mike McHugo of the famous Kasbah Toubkal. This route was discovered by AXS and Sarmad Zok who the tour is named after. It will ...

Scorpion City Ride

1 Days Moderate 60 Km
The Scorpion City Ride is a great 60 kilometer road ride that is awesome for training and site seeing. Your first 30 kilometers is a gentle sloping uphill towards the Atlas Mountains ahead. You’ll pass everyday life featuring many shops, many animals, and many scents. Your last 30 kilometers are ...

Enter the Atlas On Road

1 Days Easy-Moderate
If you have always wondered where the road leads to when you turn off before the village of Asni on the mountain road, you will find out. The signpost says ‘Moulay Brahim’, a village named after a well-known Moroccan Sufi saint. The AXS crew will start you at the top of Moulay Brahim in the ...

Atlas Mountain Base Road Ride

1 Days Moderate 90 Km
If you’re looking for a great training ride with some climbing and distance; this is it. This 90 kilometer ride has great scenic views and with the 523 meters of total climbing you get the total package. AXS will keep you hydrated and happy whether you’re doing this ride for training or touring. ...

Easing down the Atlas

1 Days Easy
You will take a scenic drive up to the snow capped Atlas mountains into the Berber life of Ourika Valley. You are submerged in the gorgeous Atlas Mountains with fresh verdant green trees all over and follow our guide exploring the land. This is a laid back biking downhill adventure that is ...

Magical Marrakech City Tour

3 Hours Easy
AXS invented the thought of touring the wonderful city of Marrakech by bike. Our famous Magical Marrakech is a two and a half to three hour long discovery tour of the mystical and magical city of Marrakech. We’ll start this laid back tour at the AXS headquarters and travel through the King’s ...

Magical Marrakech Tasting Tour

3 Hours Easy
Savor Marrakech flavor on the famous Magical Marrakech Tasting tour. It is hard to describe the eclectic combination of sweet, sour, salty and velvety smooth combinations that have made Marrakech a name that has made taste buds water for more than 1000 years! This culinary adventure starts and ...

Marrakech to Essaouira

1 Days Mod-Advanced 160 Km
If you’re wanting to put in some distance and travel to the Atlantic Coast by chance, this ride is for you. We start a bit outside of Marrakech and take this beautiful 160km journey all the way to Essaouria where we will then stop for a fresh seafood meal. Calamari, fish, shrimp, and more will ...

High Altitude Atlas Mountain Cycling Camp

8 Days
AXS has designed the High Altitude Atlas Mountain Cycling week long camps for riders year around. The accommodating weather of Marrakech allows those to train here when they cannot train at home. We have conducted our cycling camps for the novice to the professional rider. We will gather ...

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