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Anjou Bike Centre
Contact Number:
International +33 2 41 57 10 52
12, Le Clos de la Touche
Blaison-Gohier 49320
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Anjou Bike Centre

Their Tours

Anjou ride

4 Days Easy
"Two days ride (local loop tours) Two chateaux to visit, wine tasting, etc"
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Anjou & Touraine

9 Days
"Five/six chateaux, underground fortress, wine discoveries, gardens, etc"
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Bike & Food

8 Days
"Six day loop tour mainly based on wine tasting and gourmet meals"
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Douceur Angevine

7 Days
"Five day loop tour (three chateaux, one wine discovery)"
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Grand Chambord Tour

13 Days
"Includes ALL major chateaux on route + some not so well known but worth seeing + quite a few nice places of interest . . . Back roads, forest trails, villages, scenery . . . You come to the Loire Valley to mainly see its chateaux and not to race Le Tour de France. You want to go at own ...
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