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Andiamo Adventours
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1510 Jennifer Dr
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Andiamo Adventours

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Wine Country and Pt. Reyes Biking

5 Days
"Ever since the Wappo, Pomo, and Nappa Native Americans first discovered the area's extensive natural hot springs, indulgence has been a pursuit in this realm. And the Europeans who first came here were quick to see and add to that attitude. What poetry that it is also one of the world's fine ...

Wine Country Biking

4 Days
"Ever since the Wappo, Pomo, and Nappa Native Americans first discovered the area's extensive natural hot springs, indulgence has been a pursuit in this realm. And the Europeans who first came here were quick to see and add to that attitude. What poetry that it is also one of the world's fine ...

Big Sur Coastal Biking

5 Days Moderate
Truly experience the ever-changing meeting of the relentless Pacific Ocean and the rugged California central coast. In one action-packed week traverse through open oceanside fields, and along the battle line between the turbulent waters and towering peaks that is the Big Sur coastline.

Bavaria & Tyrol Biking

7 Days Moderate
Bavaria, the land of Lederhosen and wood carvers, of giant stoneware mugs called Maß filled with Starkbier (dark bock beer) and houses painted with colorful frescoes. Its sceneries and cultural riches, and the traditional Bavarian hospitality are fully appreciated as we skirt the southern ...

Tour de Suisse Bike Race

9 Days Mod-Advanced
Just like the incredible nail biting finishes of the past this past year's Tours we were there; up close to enjoy it. For many years top tour riders chose this as a tune up to the TDF. This race offers the avid cyclist an ideal reason to scale world class passes as well as get an up-close look ...

Swiss Complete

11 Days Easy-Moderate
Cornelia Huber, Andiamo's Swiss co-founder, designed this tour with the help of her friends within the Swiss Department of Agriculture and the curator of a prominent Swiss museum. She blends this hiking tour with for one full and three half days of recreational cycling (or more hiking if ...

Tortour Swiss Bike Tour

6 Days Mod-Advanced
This trip is designed for the avid cyclist who is ready to ride completely around Switzerland in six full days covering a total distance of 1054 km (650 miles) Call for references...

Swiss Mountain Biking

3 Days Easy-Moderate
Swiss Mountain Biking Tours

Lake Constance Biking

8 Days Easy
Lake Constance is a very special region to me, since I was born here and have spent most of my life here (other than my early childhood in the Heidi land.) Therefore, I’d naturally feel that there is no company with a more intimate knowledge about this area than ours.

Gstaad to Interlaken Biking

6 Days Easy-Moderate
The following biking tour of Switzerland is designed for the recreational cyclist who wishes to witness the full array of Switzerland's dramatic beauty. Soaring glaciated peaks, hanging valleys, thundering waterfalls, fields of wild flowers and quaint secluded villages are typical highlights ...

Sailing Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Sail the shores of the Dalmatian Coast and explore the many secluded bays and coves only witnessed from the deck of a boat; then drop anchor and discover each islands treasures as you walk or biking each island's pristine interior or option to kayak its shores.

Dalmatian Coast Biking

7 Days Moderate
This island-hoping bicycle adventure of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast begins at one World Heritage city, Split, and ends in another, Dubrovnik. Bike within these pristine conditions through its coastal island towns where you discover the local charm, delectable seafood & outstanding wines. It ...

Provence Biking

7 Days Moderate
Greeks settled here, Romans "came, saw, & conquered", and now YOU can venture through this rich and colorful land. Once you've cycled in these colors you can easily see what is meant by the "special light" of Provence.

Burgundy Biking

7 Days Moderate
Bicycle amongst the land of full-bodied reds and supple white wines, endless vineyards, green rolling hills, wooded slopes, grazing Charolais cattle on a bountiful and generous land that are the images evoked when one thinks of Burgundy. Burgundians are also faithful to the traditions of earlier ...


9 Days Mod-Advanced
This point to point trip is designed for the avid cyclist who wishes to take on the challenge of scaling the summits made famous by the Pro Tour. We can modify our tour for private groups to suit any number of days or alter the routes to accommodate a nmber of ability levels.

Alps Passes

9 Days Mod-Advanced
This point to point trip is designed for the avid cyclist and can be modified for private groups to suit any number of days and can be designed around any pro race stage or modified for any specific pass you wish to scale. This tour complements our affordable trips in the Pyrenees, our June ...

Alsace Biking

7 Days Moderate
Days 1-2: Westhalten & Grand Crus Pedal to a beautiful medieval village of timbered houses and cobbled streets. Loop along the small roads of the Grand Cru vineyards as views of the Vosges & Black Forest Mountains serve as our backdrop to quaint jewels such as Westhalten and Soultzmatt. Days ...

Veneto Biking

7 Days Easy
"Biking in Venice is impossible, but to bicycle in the nearby Veneto region is a don't miss. This is one of my favorite tours in Italy and offers a relaxed cycling venue packed with cultural stops along the way. We meet at one of the greatest Mediterranean ports, Venice, and immediately start ...

Umbria Bike Tour

6 Days Moderate
Discover Umbria and the splendor of it's magnificent hilltowns filled with art & relics from its Roman and Etruscan past. Visit Assisi, the city of art and peace and indulge in the region's rich cuisine and fine wines after cycling through what many consider Italy's finest bike routes. Come ...

Biking Tuscany & Walking Cinque Terre Coast

8 Days Moderate
Our bicycle tour in Tuscany & Cinque Terre hiking is everyone's dream vacation. Bike in Tuscany within the heart of the Chianti's fertile farmlands where the endless vineyards, olive groves, magnificent cypress and umbrella pine trees, then after a short transfer to the Cinque Terre Coast enjoy ...

Tuscany Classico Biking

6 Days Moderate
"During this biking tour of Tuscany you spoil yourself with traditional Tuscan cuisine and lose your sense of time as you cycle past fields of red poppies and sunflowers surrounded by cypress trees and olive groves; an agrarian wonderland. This Italian region, best known as the heart of the ...

Biking Sicily

7 Days Easy-Moderate
“To have seen Italy without seeing Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” —Goethe

Sardinia & Corsica

9 Days Moderate
Sardinia & Corsica have many faces and many names, but we like "the island of surprises" best--for despite their proximity, this seems to be the only feature they have in common. Take full advantage of two extraordinary islands rich in natural beauty, history and culture while participating in a ...

Puglia Biking

8 Days Easy-Moderate
We conducted our first biking tour in Puglia (aka Apuglia) in 1999 and we've watched the travel world slowly rediscover a region that in ancient times was the gateway to adventure and exploration.

Giro d'Italia for Avid Cyclist

7 Days Mod-Advanced
The first Italy Tour (“Giro d’Italia”) on May 13, 1909 had 127 cyclists who rode 2448 Km from Rondò of Loreto to Milan in 8 stages. The jackpot consisted of 25 mila lire or ~ 20 dollars, and the 1st winner, Luigi Ganna won 5,325 lire or ~$4. He also won the tours in 1910 and 1911. How times have ...

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