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Andalucia Tours and Discovery
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Andalucia Tours and Discovery

Andalucia Tours and Discovery

Andalucía Tours and Discovery was one of the pioneers in the use of bicycles in Seville in 2008 and the first to offer daily tours in many languages. Our purpose: "Show your city as you would like it to be shown to you". Quickly and without time to waste, we used our more than 20 years of experience working with tourists, to give them an unforgettable experience in Andalusia. Currently, the company is formed by a great team which is able to give visitors tailor-made activities such as cooking classes, bicycle tours and cultural routes.That is how "Andalucia Tours and Discovery" was born.
Their Tours

Daily Bike tour Seville

2 Hours
Select the day you prefer and join us to discover the wonders of this beautiful city next to the Guadalquivir river. Throughout the cycling tour, we will visit the most representative monuments of the city, also the ones you haven´t heard of. Besides we will see the most emblematic ...

All Seville Bike Tour

5 Hours
Discover Sevilla on an electric bike with a private guided tour of five hours, showing you the most prominent sites in the city. With your personal guide you will pass through the historic heart of Seville. You will discover the origin of the vibrant culture of flamenco and you will visit its ...

Seville tour by electric bike

2 Hours Easy
For more comfort and convenience it is possible to join the daily bike tour with an electric bike. You will do the city tour in an easy way with your personal guide.

Seville Mountain Bike Tour

5 Hours Easy-Moderate
Discover the wild side of Seville by mountain bike and you will see the most beautiful nature of the surroundings of the city. Feel the wind in your face while you see birds, bulls and the most pretty nature in the mountains of Seville. The route runs along trails that have easy access and ...

Seville Countryside bike tour

8 Hours Easy-Moderate
Accompanied by a professional guide, you will discover some of the most mysterious villages of the northern mountains of Seville by hybrid bike (trekking). At each location you will have the opportunity to admire how beautiful the villages and nature are and you will get to know its history ...

Feria de Seville by bike

2 Hours Easy
Seville is full of live during the Feria (city fair). Beautiful dresses, horse carriages with locals coming by, little wooden houses ("casetas") where people dance the local dances. Food, drinks, party.. Feel welcome in our city and discover this festival with your local guide. After this ...

Daytrip Ronda

5 Hours Moderate
From the city of Seville, we are going to take you in a luxury minibus to a place where you will be impressed by its beauty, because there are so many things to see an do in Ronda. It is a place where history, monuments, legends, good weather and gastronomy come together. All of this surrounded ...

Bike tour to Italica

5 Hours Easy-Moderate
Discover the Roman ruins of Italica with a professional guide and visit the villages and traditions of Camas and Santiponce. In this old Roman city, the Emperors Trajan and Hadrian were born. Your guide will tell you about the history of one of the largest Amphitheaters of the world. Later on ...

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