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America By Bicycle
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America By Bicycle

America by Bicycle is the #1 fully-supported Bicycle Touring Company in America. We feature rides dedicated to touring the U.S.A., in the best possible way, on the seat of your bicycle. We have a ride to suit all cyclists interests, levels and abilities. Our specialty is long distance cross country touring!
Their Tours

Great Lakes Tour - Erie

8 Days 566 MLS
America by Bicycle proudly offers the Great Lakes Tour - Erie beginning in 2012. This is an amazing 8 day, 566 mile, circumferential tour of Lake Erie.

Great Lakes Tour - Ontario

6 Days Moderate 532 MLS
Lake Ontario is the focus of our tour as we adventure through small towns and farmland east to Rochester, NY, known as “The Flower City” and “Imaging Center”

Ride The East - Central

7 Days Easy-Moderate 538 MLS
The Ride the East - Central Tour will begin with cycling from DC as we cross the Arlington Memorial Bridge and pick up the Mt. Vernon Bike Path, past Arlington and Alexandria Virginia. From Fredericksburg, we'll pass many Civil War Memorial sites, take some time and explore the history. As we ...

Ride The East - North

9 Days Easy-Moderate 666 MLS
The Ride the East - North Tour will begin in New Hampshire's northern most seaside city of Portsmouth. Before we head south, take a few miles and pedal over the Piscataqua River and touch the northern most state in the east, Maine. Now we really get rolling. We'll head inland away from the ocean ...

Ride The East - South

7 Days Easy-Moderate 471 MLS
The Ride the East - South Tour will spend a few days cycling south across rural South Carolina, trekking inland again and around the Intercoastal Waterway over to Georgetown. Next we'll gof off the tourist path and see real southern towns and enjoy the accent and hospitality that has made the ...

Ride The West - Central

6 Days Moderate 422 MLS
The Ride the West - Central tour will begin from Crescent City. You will ride through the Redwood Forests, with the Avenue of the Giants a highlight. After leaving the giant trees, you will get to climb the famous Leggett Hill and work your way back to the ocean views. Highway 1 rolls up and ...

Ride The West - North

6 Days Advanced / Challenging 397 MLS
The Ride the West - North tour will begin in Astoria, OR and immediately head south along the Pacific coast. We'll cycle south through many small coastal communities including: the art colony of Cannon Beach; Tillamook, the cheese capital of the world; Newport, former home of Keiko; Old Town ...

Ride The West - South

9 Days Easy-Moderate 579 MLS
The Ride the West - South tour will begin in San Francisco. Departing San Francisco, you will see some beautiful views of the ocean and enjoy the sights of Santa Cruz, Monterey and the famous 17 Mile Drive through Carmel. We will head inland to Carmel Valley. See a diverse part of the state ...

The Badlands Ride

8 Days Easy-Moderate 674 MLS
The Badlands Ride continues the high plains drift through small western towns, and you’ll soon discover how the west was won. Next, we’ll stretch out our legs a little and cross the border into South Dakota. It’s back into the mountains again. We’ll cycle up into the Black Hills and through ...

The Country Mileage Tour

5 Days 476 MLS
The Country Mileage Tour is a fast one. Out of Indianapolis, we’ll spin through a number of small Indiana towns including Knightstown, where the movie “Hoosiers” was filmed. The plains of Indiana give way to rolling Ohio farmland. The centuries come and go as we zig zag and roll past family ...

The Eastern States Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate 638 MLS
The Eastern States Tour will take us across upper New York State through rolling farm country just north of the Finger Lakes Region. Then we’ll pick up the Erie Canal and following it off and on through Little Falls and finally ride along the Hudson River to Latham. The last few days get ...

The Fast America - West Ride

7 Days 840 MLS
For the cyclist who cannot take 33 days off, but still wants to ride fast, try our Fast America Ride. Come ride with us on the Fast America - West Tour - Costa Mesa, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico! WOW - Ride with America by Bicycle and see the country FAST!

The Great Central River Ride

5 Days Easy-Moderate 393 MLS
The Great Central River Ride takes cyclists on a 6 day adventure from Memphis, Tennessee to St. Louis, Missouri.

The Great Southern River Ride

8 Days
The Great Southern River Ride will take cyclists on a terrific 8 day tour through the Grand Old South following the Mississippi River from New Orleans, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee.

The Heartland Tour

7 Days 616 MLS
On the Heartland Tour, we’ll begin the roll through Missouri. This state will really get your attention with its rural beauty, Amish charm and extreme roller coaster terrain. You’ll get the picture as we cycle through Thousand Hill State Park. After we roll down into the Mississippi River Valley ...

The Maine Foliage Tour

5 Days
The Maine Foliage Tour will focus special attention on the spectacular beauty that is the fall foliage season and the State of Maine. The Maine Foliage Tour will feature 5 great days of cycling on a round robin tour of Maine beginning and ending in Portland. Average daily mileage of 45 offers ...

The New England Meander

7 Days 545 MLS
The New England Meander will take us across upper New York State through the rolling farm country past Rochester. Then we’ll follow the Erie Canal through Liverpool to Little Falls and finally ride along the Hudson River to Latham. The final few days will take us across the Appalachian mountain ...

The Northern Rockies Ride

9 Days 711 MLS
The Northern Rockies Ride through Idaho will stay mostly in the Snake River Valley. The ride can get dry as we cycle on the Snake River Plain. You will learn a lot about yourself and the country as we pass through small and large western towns and many Indian reservations. Relish the beauty and ...

The Northwestern Tour

8 Days 644 MLS
The Northwestern Tour will depart the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Astoria, Oregon. We will head out to the rugged Oregon coast to dip our rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean and begin the trek Across America. From the mouth of the Columbia River we’ll meander along the river to Portland. You’ll ...

The Western States Tour

11 Days 583 MLS
The Western States Tour will depart the city by the bay, San Francisco. We will head over to Golden Gate State Beach to dip our rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean and begin the trek Across America. As you can imagine, the terrain is very rolling. From the beach, we’ll get an elevated view of the ...

Winter Oasis Tour

5 Days 302 MLS
Shake off the snow and head west for America by Bicycle's Winter Oasis Tour. This tour of California will pack beaches, mountains, and desert into a 5-day bicycle ride starting and finishing in Orange County, California. This off-season getaway is a boon to enjoy fewer crowds, cooler temps ...

Great Lakes Tour

15 Days 1098 MLSAVG 78 MLS
America by Bicycle proudly offers the Great Lakes Tour. This amazing 15 day, 1,098 mile, figure 8 tour of Great Lakes Erie and Ontario features riding into the great city centers of Cleveland, Toronto, and Kingston, fabulous vista views of both lakes, 4 scenic ferry rides, as well as, riding ...

Ride The West

23 Days 1398 MLS
Did you ever want to see the West coast of the United States? Come along with America by Bicycle as we tour the WEST! America by Bicycle proudly offers the Ride the West tour. This fun filled bicycle tour will take cyclists on a Western States Adventure. The tour will begin in Astoria, Oregon ...

The Across America North Tour

50 Days
The Across America North tour will cycle through some of the most beautiful and scenic areas in America. From the natural beauty of the Cascades and Rockies to spectacular river crossings like the Columbia, Missouri and Mississippi, to the national parks and monuments, each day is a unique ...

The Cross Country Challenge

52 Days 3872 MLS
The Cross Country Challenge is a terrific touring pace coast to coast bicycle ride for cyclists who want to see the U.S.A. in the best possible way, from the seat of your bicycle. For anyone who has ever dreamed of riding coast to coast but didn't want to go it alone, the Cross Country Challenge ...

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