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Big Bend Loop

9 Days Moderate-Advanced 343 MLSAVG 49 MLS
This nine day, van-supported tour explores the wild and picturesque terrain of the West Texas Big Bend region. A road rider's dream come true, the tour offers low-traffic byways, an abundance of stunning scenery, and ample opportunities to discover the secrets of Big Bend National Park, the ...

California Spring Fling

7 Days Moderate 201 MLSAVG 33 MLS
Does the long, harsh winter leave you longing for luminous skies, warm sunshine, and stellar road riding? Celebrate the first days of spring with a bike tour along the sun-dappled roads of Southern California, a great way to start your cycling season.

Death Valley Loop

7 Days Moderate-Advanced 318 MLSAVG 63 MLS
Death Valley: Land of extremes. A wonderful and mysterious place, this valley supports nearly 1,000 native plant species on only 2 inches of rain a year. Desert winds whisper through the valley floor 282-feet below sea level and yet, 15 miles west, the 11,000-foot Telescope Peak remains shrouded ...

Florida Keys

11 Days Moderate
This 381-mile loop ride takes in Florida’s largest city, longest bridges, and wildest swamplands, showcasing the best of South Florida along a pair of Adventure Cycling routes. To begin, we’ll follow the southernmost section of the Atlantic Coast route, from the Fort Lauderdale vicinity to Key ...

Intro To Road Touring - Florida

6 Days Easy 227 MLSAVG 45 MLS
As the acknowledged experts on self-contained bicycle travel, we'd like to share with you some of what we've learned by way of our Introduction to Road Touring (IRT) course. Two days of classroom instruction provided by some of our most seasoned trip leaders will be followed by a four-day tour ...

Intro To Road Touring - Oregon

6 Days Easy 188 MLSAVG 47 MLS
As the experts on self-contained bicycle travel, we’d like to share our knowledge by way of our Introduction to Road Touring (IRT) course. Two days of classroom instruction provided by our seasoned trip leaders will be followed by a four-day tour through the countryside in Virginia, Oregon ...

Intro To Road Touring - Virginia

6 Days Easy 188 MLSAVG 47 MLS
As the experts on self-contained bicycle travel, we’d like to share our knowledge by way of our Introduction to Road Touring (IRT) course. Two days of classroom instruction provided by our seasoned trip leaders will be followed by a four-day tour through the countryside in Virginia, Oregon ...

Outer Banks, Inn-To-Inn

8 Days Easy 242 MLSAVG 40 MLS
Join us on this amazing and popular ride through one of the premier beach destinations in the United States. This loop tour of North Carolina's Outer Banks (and Inner Banks) offers a chance to explore the region's history-rich harbor towns on the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, and the coastal ...

Pacific Coast

41 Days Advanced / Challenging 1845 MLSAVG 51 MLS
Join us for this golden opportunity to ride from Canada to Mexico unencumbered by traditional touring gear. Let our support van tote your baggage, freeing you to pedal your favorite bicycle on one of America’s premier cycling routes: the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. The first offering in 2011 ...

Southern Arizona Sunsets

7 Days Moderate 220 MLSAVG 44 MLS
Get an early taste of spring on this memorable bike tour through the high Sonoran Desert. The luggage support, two nights of indoor lodging and moderate daily mileages (from 23 to 54 miles) will help us ease gently back into the spin of things as we pedal beneath the blue Arizona sky.

Southern Tier

65 Days Advanced / Challenging 3160 MLSAVG 56 MLS
The Southern Tier has become one of our most popular tours, and it’s easy to see why. This route is 1,200 miles shorter than either the Northern Tier or TransAm and yet offers epic quantities of scenery and shoulder-season sunshine.

Southern Tier - Van

58 Days Moderate-Advanced 3160 MLSAVG 67 MLS
Prepare for a southern-style, cross-country ride on our shortest, most accessible transcontinental trip. To make this tour even better, we'll enjoy the relative luxury of having the Adventure Cycling van tote our gear to and from each overnight location, freeing us to truly enjoy the pleasures ...

Texas Hill Country

7 Days Moderate 298 MLSAVG 149 MLS
If you've been led to believe that the Lone Star State is pancake flat, this weeklong bike tour through the rolling Texas Hill Country will dash away that notion.


93 Days Advanced / Challenging 4305 MLSAVG 55 MLS
Thousands have bicycled the 4,253-mile TransAmerica Bicycle Trail since the wheels started rolling in 1976. For those who haven't yet experienced it, the TransAm remains the ultimate dream adventure, the bike tour of all bicycle tours.

Transam - Van

83 Days Advanced / Challenging 4325 MLSAVG 60 MLS
Cyclists around the world dream of crossing the U.S. on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. While some cyclists believe pedaling across the country self-supported is the only way to go, others say, “Haul all that gear? No way.” If you’re among the latter group, we’re still here for you, offering ...

UGRR: North To Niagara

41 Days Moderate-Advanced 1800 MLSAVG 54 MLS
Explore America’s legendary route to freedom on this incredible, newly revamped, Underground Railroad (UGRR) tour. You’ll be immersed in history as you ride from the Deep South to Niagara Falls through the landscapes and communities that provided shelter and aid to freedom seekers. Plus, between ...

Florida Gulf Coast

8 Days Moderate 338 MLSAVG 48 MLS
Take a week this winter and swap the cold and snow for the warm, sand beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Described as the “Forgotten Coast,” the “Undiscovered Coast,” and “Florida as it used to be,” this tour visits some of the most pristine beaches in America, along with other coastal and inland ...

Ragin' Cajun Country

7 Days Easy-Moderate 211 MLSAVG 35 MLS
Bicycle through the heart of Cajun Country and partake of all the food, music, and culture that Acadiana has to offer. On this relaxed tour you can enjoy Jambalaya, crawfish pie, and gumbo, and you’ll find that the spicy cuisine of southern Louisiana is complemented by its mellow terrain as you ...

Southern Sampler

12 Days Moderate 578 MLSAVG 57 MLS
Jump-start the touring season with a superb sample of Southern riding. From Charleston, South Carolina, to St. Augustine, Florida, following Sections 5 and 6 of Adventure Cycling’s Atlantic Coast Bicycle Route, our Southern Sampler is half coastal riding and half visits to inland locations ...

Blue Ridge Bliss – North Carolina

7 Days Moderate-Advanced 310 MLSAVG 51 MLS
The Blue Ridge Parkway, often called “America’s Favorite Drive,” could just as well be nicknamed “America’s Favorite Bike Tour.” In all, the parkway stretches for 469 miles, from North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the south, to Waynesboro, Virginia, in the north. On our new ...

Cycle Utah

7 Days Moderate-Advanced 280 MLSAVG 46 MLS
Join us for this fully supported bicycle adventure through the incredible national parks and monuments of Southwest Utah. We’ll start the trip by heading into the ethereal shapes and shades of Zion National Park, where we can enjoy the luxury of car-free cycling as we explore the maze of ...

Colorado San Juan Skyway

7 Days Advanced / Challenging 235 MLSAVG 47 MLS
Verdant valleys harboring crystal-clear streams, mountain passes, and steep slopes ablaze with Indian paintbrush, characterize this new weeklong, inn-to-inn tour of southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Could it get any better? Yes! We’ll stay each night in a cozy mountain inn or motel and ...

Cape Cod Pilgrimage

8 Days Easy-Moderate 280 MLSAVG 40 MLS
Join us this spring on our popular Cape Cod route along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean shoreline. Newly offered in our van-supported format, on this trip we’ll carry your gear, allowing you to enjoy a week of load-free riding and even more time to explore all the area has to offer. We’ll visit ...

Eastern Canada Adventure

13 Days Moderate-Advanced 507 MLSAVG 50 MLS
Our new tour of Eastern Canada takes you from the heartland of French Canada to the mountainous seacoast of the Gaspé Peninsula, at the northern end of the Appalachian Mountains. We’ll pitch our tents in municipal, provincial, and national park campgrounds, and sample fresh seafood and locally ...

Great Lakes

11 Days Easy-Moderate 356 MLSAVG 39 MLS
Enjoy incredible scenery and experience some of the best riding you can imagine on this inn-to-inn adventure, which was featured as one of National Geographic Traveler’s 2013 “Trips of a Lifetime.” You’ll enjoy the same great riding without the additional weight of camping and cooking gear, and ...

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, unfortunately transcription errors do occur and although we continually seek to eliminate these we apologise for any mistakes. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.