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We have a range of holidays in Caucaseastan that are designed for you to experience and live the adventure, the unique combination of places and experiences that best describe the country, its spirit, the one that unites its people. All this is accomplished through the different modes of travelling that you prefer. Whether it's non-stop cycling, feeling the wind in your face while the patchwork of sites runs next to you or it's savoring the food, immersing in the local life and chatting with salesmen at the bazaar or measuring elevation gain with your feet armed with route maps or a big ski adventure in immense landscapes, you will get to the core of the experience, your way.
Their Tours

Biking in Tusheti Georgia

7 Days
On this tour, you will bike in Tusheti, Georgia's untouched mountainous region on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. The traditional vehicle here is the horse and you explore the horse tracks with a modern alternative, bike. You travel on trails connecting villages, all with ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Nov 2013

Mountain Biking in Armenia

8 Days
On this tour, you will cross high plateaus with flanks of snow-capped Vardenis Ridge, bike through narrow canyons of Southern Armenia, continue to lunar landscape of Camel Mount for pure off-road fun and finish your MTB adventure in the fabulous Khosrov Nature Park. Winding dirt road through ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Nov 2013

Bike Epic in the Kyrgyz Ridge

11 Days
On this tour, you will experience MTB in Kyrgyz mountains, you will cross seven breathtaking passes and rest at picturesque jailoos, you will reach fantastic Son Kul, stay in yurts and sample authentic Kyrgyz cuisine, you will continue to the south to explore highlands dotted by nomad camps ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Nov 2013

Mountain Biking Tien Shan

12 Days
On this biking tour to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan we take you off the grid and into the heart of Tien Shan, the land of harshly beautiful deserts, green forests, soaring mountain ranges and sublime lakes. Biking on dirt roads up to the top of dramatic passes, enjoying adrenalin-inducing ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Nov 2013

Best of Armenia

10 Days
On this tour, you will cycle to the South of Armenia through Ararat valley guided by the remote majesty of biblical Mount Ararat, you will taste wine, honey and cheese in Armenia's agricultural heart, you will overcome the breathtaking passes on the way to Tatev and Devil's Bridge, cycle at ...
Updated by CTG on 6 Nov 2013

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