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Active Holidays Romania
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Active Holidays Romania

Active Holidays Romania

"Cycling and mountain biking downhill the Carpathian mountains is a great way to spend the time on your travel in Romania. While cycling you can admire the back roads and natural surroundings, meet the locals and experience their culture and traditions while on a tour in Transilvania. You can choose an adrenaline filled holiday, active rides every day on different bike areas or mountain, biking downhill on difficult technical sections are just a few of the activities you can do while you travel in Romania.

Additionally, enjoy relaxing afternoons in town centres and visit fortified churches and the famous Bran Dracula’s Castle, while on tour in Transilvania. On your cycling tours in Romania, you can benefit from vehicle support or luggage transfer, while the mountain biking downhill days will be spent on best single treks in the area. Enjoy the ride!!"
Their Tours

Danube Delta

8 Days
A pleasant route that connects two activities: cycling and boating but also will explore the Danube Delta. First days of tour explore the shore of the Razim Lake, which is very rich in natural and historical points of interest. Second part is reserved for exploring the wilderness of Danube ...

Transilvania 'Dracula' Bike Ride

7 Days Mod-Advanced
This trip is only for good riders. Every day you will be taken to a different bike park, where you can enjoy the day riding the most spectacular tracks build specially for the DH riders. Time in the afternoon to visit the famous Bran „Dracula's” Castle and the evenings will be spent in Brasov ...

Riding the Carpathians

8 Days
We are offering this special tour in the Carpathian mountains, taking you along ridges, into a National Park and for a nice visit to see Dracula’s Castle. Enjoy overnights in the medieval town of Brasov. Other notes:- the trip is design as an ALL-Mountain trip, somesection are more XC ...


11 Days
We are offering this extraordinary Transilvanian experience and the opportunity to find out about its people culture and customs. As you will observe on this tour in Transilvania, the main activity in the region is agriculture and old farmers still uses horses and carts to work the land. You ...

Transilvania Express

8 Days
This specially designed tour in Transilvania is based on a mixture of nature, history, culture, people and their customs, offering to all our guests the Romanian experience. Explore the history of Transilvania, travel back into the 12th - 13th century, and discover the way of living of the old ...

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