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International +39 085 969 410
38, Strada Brecciano
Città S.Angelo (PE) Abruzzo 65013
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Associazione Abcycle is a registered Italian cycling association formed by a group of cycling enthusiasts living and riding in Abruzzo, Italy. We believe that the best way to travel in Italy is riding a bike. Since 1999 we provide road biketours to our members and organize cycling holidays in some of Italy's most lovable areas.
Their Tours

The Green Hills Of Abruzzo

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Between the imposing mountains and the Adriatic coast Abruzzo displays a green belt of gentle hills lined with olive trees and vineyards that link the mountains to the coast. Crossed by winding and quiet backroads this area is heaven for leisurely cycling. Here wines and ‘extra-vergine’ olive ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Eastern Sicilia - A Land Of Wonders

10 Days Mod-Advanced
Located at the very center of the Mediterranean, of which it is the largest Island, Sicilia has been a meeting point of peoples since the dawn of civilization. The remarkable traces left tell the history of man on this side of the hemisphere. We ride twisted and quiet roads among olive and carob ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Le Marche, A Ride into Renaissance

10 Days Mod-Advanced
The name Le Marche literally means 'The Borders' as for centuries this region has been the uneasy border between the Papal state and the various peoples dominating Northern Italy. But the local municipalities always affirmed their own independence and went pretty much their own way. This rich ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Puglia, The Heel Of The Boot

10 Days Easy-Moderate
Blessed by a solar climate Puglia is becoming one of Italy’s most sought bike touring destinations. It's our easiest tour: the vast, undulated plains are perfect for training or relaxed rides. The landscape is a great riding companion: century-old olive trees, amazing coastal routes, the vast ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Sicilia, the Sea and the Baroque

10 Days Easy-Moderate
Compared to our classic Tour of Eastern Sicilia this biketour proposes an easier approach to this bountyful Island: less mountains and more beaches. And less moving around too. We stay in 3 different towns for 3 consecutive nights each. And, to make your trip more interesting, each location ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Discover Abruzzo

9 Days Mod-Advanced
Just one hour East of Roma, Abruzzo offers some of the most exciting riding you can find anywhere in Italy: four National Parks, memorable climbs and descents, a green belt of sweet hills dotted by olive trees, a network of enchanting backroads devoid of traffic, renaissance villages lost in the ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Cilento & Amalfi Coast

11 Days Moderate
The glamorous Costiera is just the cherry on the cake. First taste the quiet roads and beaches of Basilicata and Parco del Cilento. Breathtaking coastal routes and the impending mountains just inland. All of our inns are on the beach - or very close - but don't be mislead: this is a pretty ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Bologna -Tropea

12 Days Adv-Challenging
Discover why riding in Italy is so special. An amazing journey up and down the backroads and through the charming villages of the Appennini. More than 1200km in 9 stages! 9 regions crossed: Emilia, Toscana, Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria.
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

Bike 'N' Beach On The Adriatic Coast

7 Days Easy
A true cycling vacation along one of the nicest stretches of the Adriatic Coast. From Abruzzo you ride South across the Molise and to the Gargano Promontory (National Park) in Puglia. Each easy and scenic ride ends in a new, charming seaside town. The fine hotels chosen for this tour are all ...
Updated by CTG on 5 Dec 2013

The Green And Blue Of Sardegna

10 Days
Laying halfway between Spain and Italy, Sardegna is for size the second Island in the Mediterranean. While its Northern shores are haven to summer crowds and exclusive resorts for the most affluent, the rest of the Island is still largely unspoiled by mass tourism. Designed along the South, East ...
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