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A2Z Adventures
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International +351 919 048 373
From USA/Canada +1 415 670-9210
Largo da Bica
Castelo Novo 6230-160
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A2Z Adventures

A2Z Adventures

In 2006 A2Z Adventures became a small, but fully professional company dedicated to provide world travelers with unique experiences! Powered by your travel passion, A2Z Adventures prepares very special road cycling, hiking and mountain biking tours all around the world. They believe these are the ways to take the most from a trip, as one can have a close contact with nature and local culture, always at a relaxed rhythm.

Because they are a Portuguese company, they specialize in Portugal and take great pleasure in showing their charming country, taking you to those unique places that only locals know about. Their expertise covers all Portugal, and if you don't find a trip that suits your needs, they are sure they can design it for you! Totally custom made. But you can also join a trip designed by them, hiking or cycling in the Pyrenees, Alps, Turkey, Patagonia or the Himalayas. Your choice!

At A2Z Adventures they love what they do and only run trips that are their favorites. It's that simple.
Their Tours

Bike Tour at Azores, Terceira Island

7 Days
During these 7 days you’ll visit the stunning coastline and the luxurious green forests of cryptomeria and green pastures in the interior of Terceira island in the Azores. This is a cycling program around the island. Enjoy this self guided cycling holidays at Terceira, known as the Lilac Isle ...

Alentejo and Hills of Algarve

9 Days 600 Km
If you are looking for a challenging bike ride this is the right tour for you. You will cover more than 600 km/ 347 mi in 7 rides. As you pedal along the magnificent Atlantic coast of Portugal, you will explore the wild beaches of the Alentejo, and the unspoiled hilly region of the Algarve. The ...

Alto Alentejo

8 Days
Alto Alentejo and its rolling hills covered with wild flowers waits for you. Discover charming little villages and plenty of cultural and historical sites while cycling in one of Portugal's most beautiful areas.

Porto on Bike

4 Days
Get to know the surroundings of the great city of Oporto. Enjoy traditional Portuguese meals and pedal along a beautiful scenery filled with culture and history. In this short trip you will have the opportunity to ride the surroundings of Oporto and experience its amazing culture, history and ...

Mountain bike tour in the Schist Villages

7 Days
Cycle a trail that connects 27 Schist Villages of central Portugal and pass by beautiful river beaches. Discover the traditions of its inhabitants. In this traverse you will bike village to village, sleeping in some of the 27 Schist Villages of Central Portugal, using trails that are part of ...

Vicentine Coast

8 Days
Visit Sagres, Europe´s most southwestern point, and explore the Atlantic coast wild beaches. Rest in selected lodges after this wonderful bike ride along the Vicentine Coast in the SW of Europe. If you are looking for a challenging bike ride this is the right tour for you. As you pedal along ...

Porto to Lisbon

8 Days
This tour by flat terrains is our easiest one. With routes by the ocean side you have the chance to enjoy the west coast sunny beaches, stopping in one beach bar terrace for a coffee or tasting a grilled fresh fish lunch. Cycle paths, nature conservation areas, the Leiria pine forest and the ...

Douro, The Port Wine Country

8 Days
Visit Douro, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world and taste the famous Port wine. Stay in luxurious unique boutique hotels and wine estates and visit the 12th century historical villages of Portugal. Get to know all about Portugal´s unique Port Wine while riding in the historic ...

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