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A Velodyssey in Western France

A Velodyssey in Western France
The Velodyssey is an official cycling route in Western France and forms part of EuroVelo 1 (EV1), the Atlantic route from Norway to Portugal. EV1 is a route rather than a bike path so varies significantly in standard along the way. However the French portion is one of the better developed and best used sections - it even has it’s own website ( which was one of my main sources of information. The route begins in Roscoff in Brittany, as a continuation of EV1 from Devon and Cornwall in the UK, and continues 1200km to the Spanish border at Hendaye. This is a log of my version of the  Velodyssey with the finish being Bordeaux rather than Hendaye.

Day 1

I did start from Roscoff, although on a ferry from Ireland (where I had ridden a very pleasant 25km to the ferry port in Cork). A relaxed 17-hour crossing meant I arrived refreshed and ready to go. However as the boat didn’t get in until 4pm it wasn’t a big mileage day by any means. The day was gray and foggy, humid but dry.
It was a fairly easy run - definitely “undulating” and very rural and coastal with some very narrow lanes. There were no separated bike paths today but all quiet roads with only one portion unsealed  - EV1 definitely tries to avoid traffic. A few minor wrong turns were taken especially on the way out of Roscoff  but I used an app (Pocket Earth) to get back on the right track.
On the way he town of St Pol was very pretty and probably worth a stop (another time). Today’s destination was Morlaix, a nice town and port dominated by a huge 19th century viaduct (for the Paris-Brest railway). However it was dead on a Tuesday evening – perhaps understandable in the aftermath of the huge storms and floods that hit over the last few days (and which I was fortunate enough to miss!).